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  5. just found out Mil sleeps naked with my son in the bed

just found out Mil sleeps naked with my son in the bed Lock Rss

The other night my Mil was telling a story of when my 2 year old son stayed over, he was in the bed with her and her partner. and when her partner got up out of the bed my son yelled out doodle. i know they sleep naked but never imagend they would do it while my son was staying over and certainly not put him in the bed with them while they were naked. i think its discusting and am really upset. no more over night stays for them. do you think this is discusting or am i just over reacting cause i dont like her. i wouldnt like my mother to do it either. i think im easy going, he showers with my mum, sisters, his Daddy and myself. i just think sleeping with a child naked is wrong.
[Edited on 28/07/2008]
[Edited on 28/07/2008]

Yep I'm with you - WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

They were allowed to do that with their own children but I think that's really wrong to do it with grandchildren.

That's terrible!
I wouldn't even put my child in my bed if I or my hubby were naked! It's even worse that she didn't check with you first what your thoughts are about them being naked in front of your child.

Another issue that could arise is that when your child talks to others he may say something innocently about being in bed with grandpa and he saw his doodle. How would other people react if he said that? If someones child said that to me I would immediately think they had been sexually abused!

I think it's sad that your son will miss out on overnight stays with them because of that. It's great for kids to spend time with the grandparents, but that means you will have to say something. Seeing as she's your MIL.. can you ask your hubby to speak to them? It would be easier for him to talk to them than it would be for you.

yeah ill get my partner to say something to her. if it comes from me they will just think im being a cow. ill have to discuss it with him tonight. my mum and sister think its gross too.

Hi! I don't think you are over reacting at all. If my mil did that, I'd hit the roof! Thats just wrong!
let us know how you go with it, I'm intruiged as to her response!

Chances are, they just sleep naked and thought nothing of having the grandson in the bed. It probably didn't even cross their mind.... If they have a really good relationship with the grandson, then it probably felt completely natural to have him jump in the bed.

I can understand why you may be a bit annoyed by it though. If it is something you aren't comfortable with, then you need to tell them. I can't quite agree with it being wrong though...
It would be wrong if there was inappropriate behaviour, but just being naked with your grandkids isn't wrong....unless your not comfortable with it.
Its a tricky one.....

I would talk to your IL about it, but you would have to really trust them that they wouldn't do it again.
I think its wrong as well... wrong wrong wrong!!
I think it's wrong too.

I do agree though that there was probably nothing untoward in their intentions, just that they didn't think anything of it... which doesn't make it right that they should do it, and I definitely think it has to stop. You or your partner (I would get my partner to do it as well, or do it together) should bring it up with them. From the conversation you will probably be able to guage whether or not you can trust them.
Personally i'd hit the roof as I hate the idea of it even if it is completely innocent. Get your other half to talk to his parents about it but in a nice way and just let them know that you are not comfortable with it.
I don't think that I would be very happy at all if I found out my MIL was sleeping naked with my baby boy - I wouldn't be happy if my parents did it either.. I don't do it..
I know it's your MIL and things can be awkward sometimes with them (even if you have a good relationship) but you have to say something if he is to sleep there anymore..

Nic, WA, Mr Moo born on 13.09.06

i also think its wrong, but in saying that i think your mum having a shower with him is also wrong, its the same thing, the only difference is its YOUR mum, i think if u were going to say something to your MIL then u should also say something to ur mum as its just double standards
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