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Boys and dolls Lock Rss

O.K. common sense tells me not to even worry about this one, but, until now my 11 month old son has shown no interest in soft fluffy toys prefering blocks, hard plastic toys that whirr and beep etc etc. However recently at a friends place he took a liking to a baby doll whose eyes blink and looks quite life like. I was thrilled that he was showing interest in the doll and demonstrating affection and "getting in touch with his feminine side!!!".

I then decided to purchase him his own baby doll much to the horror of his Dad. His Dad can appreciate the enjoyment he sees our son getting from the doll but hopes it does not turn him into a "sissy".

My husband contradicts himself however because if we had had a girl he would see nothing wrong giving a girl toy cars to play with!

Should I be concerned?
Don't be concerned at all, it is a natural part of development, in fact teddys and dolls are used as assessment tools in testing childrens emotional stability. If they get cuddles and kissed at home they will do that to a doll. It is good to see how they react with "their baby" before you have a second child. My oldest son has had teddys and my old dolls to play with since the day he was born, when I had my second son 16 months later he kissed and cuddled him and was very gentle, they are now great friends. It is also good preparation for later in life.

Michelle, 2 boys, 2 3/4 and 17mths

Damon is 2.5 and he loves playing with my old dolls. His Dad also loves to watch him play as he says he too will be a Dad some day and there is nothing wrong with it. We are going to have another baby in November and I feel that letting Damon play with a doll will also prepares him for the new baby. He is rough with his cars and truck but is very loving and gentle with the doll. He calls it his bubby and has to have it in his bed some nights. If he wanted to take it shopping with him like he does his favorite cars we wouldn't have any objection. I feel that to often we restrict our children from the things they love because of what society might say.


Hi My twins 5yrs boy-girl both play with dolls wether they are barbie dolls or action man dolls as they have so much fun.
The boy even share's his sisters make up, but we do explain that its only for girls but that's what he wants so I let him go as there will come a time he change.
Men are so funny when it comes to boys playing with girls things but like you say its ok if the girls want to play with cars thats ok. The only time I would worry is if they wanted to wear girl clothes.
I have nephew who's father is like that and when he isn't around he plays with my daughters dolls to me that is more worrying than any think.
Dont worry as they will change when they are older.

You most definately not be concerned. my son is 20mths and absolutely loves dolls. He even pushes them around in the pram, feeds his baby and dresses it.
These days do you really think that this behavour is not normal. It is always best to let them be happy and play with whatever they want. And if by the age of 10 he still plays with a doll than be concerned. But cross that bridge when you get to it

Mel mother of 1 (20mths)
Also i forgot to add just imagine what a wonderful father he will be. After all if he can handle that baby imagine how good he will be in 20 years time. Just tell your hubbie that your son is getting in the practice so he can be as good as him.

Both my boys now aged 10 and 8 played with dolls. I even had strollers for them to push around. They are real rough and rugged now but love to sit with their baby sister and play dolls and tea parties. They think it's funny they had dolls as toddlers though they prefer their action heros now.
when expecting our 3rd baby i bought our 2 yr old a baby doll he loved it he liked to feed it its bottle and put the dummy in when i came home with bub he would copy and i would hve to wrap the doll too dont worry about it my hubby has always helped a lot with the babies so its a nutral thing for my boys to see

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi just wanted to share i used to be a group leader
in a child care center and i always encouraged boys to play with the dolls etc. if any parent showed a concern a simply explaned that he would probably be a father one day then they were happy aswell.
I wouldnt be worried i have 2.4 year old twins Boy girl and they both play with dolls and trucks Etc and they dont really care so i wouldnt worry i have a dolls pram for both of my children it is how they learn about careing for something like they will give it a bottle and try and feed it food ETC they do it because it is a major part of there developing in pretending also like they will say baby is cry and pat it better and that sort of thing there is nothing abnormal about a little boy playing with dolls so forget about daddies feelings the child cames first in desideing what he wants.

As everyone has already mentioned here, i think it is very normal!

My daughter and her 3 yo male cousin play with the dolls all the time, bathing, feeding and putting them to bed!

I think times have really changed when it comes to this kind of issue now,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Chidren learn through play and anyone who condemns you or your child for the toys they play with have no right. Why at such a young age do we have to be so gender specific? It's not necessary! Lets boys play with dolls and girls play with trucks! I assure you that no harm will be done.
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