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struggling with toddler, new baby in house. Lock Rss

Hello to all you lovely mummys & daddys out there. I am a mummy to three beautiful children, Joshua-4years old, Nicholas, 2 1/4 years old & my little princess Lahni who is 8 weeks old. I am seriously struggling with Nicholas my 2 year old, I have always been really close to him & he has always been a beautiful little boy, able to charm you with his cheeky smile. But since having my daughter, i feel like i'm losing that beautiful little boy & a liitle monster has come & taken his place. He is always whinging, whining, refusing to do anything you ask him to do, having constant melt downs about everything, it's like a constant tug of war with him all day & it's taking it's toll on me. He has been toilet training for nearly 3 months now & was doing so well, but in the last couple of weeks he's started wetting himself again & it will happen just after i have asked him, it gets me so mad. I realize this is most likely due to him not coping with the arrival & attention spent on his new baby sister, & that this new behaviour is just him seeking attention in any form. I am trying so hard not to responde to his bad behaviour, so he won't get that attention, but it can be so hard. I feel like he is mad at me for bringing home this baby, because he seems to adore his little sister & is not so bad for his daddy & does really well at daycare after i drop him off. My older son is adapting really well to his new sister & wasn't such a problem when he's baby brother came along, so I guess thats why I'm finding this so hard. I try to spend as much time as I can with him, with both of them. I really don't know what to do anymore, I just want my baby boy back. Please help with any advice!!!

Cheryl, Qld, 2 boys & a baby princess

congratulations !!!!! you must be feeling so happy with a new born at home.babies r so precious.

All the advice i can give u is just hang in there i know what u r going through as i have been there and will be going through it again in august but then my 2.5 will be 3.Everything will all fall right into place where kids r concerned .

5 kids now

Congratulations on your little ladies arrival - so lovely to have a girl join your family.

I'm sure that Nicholas would have done similar antics even without Lahni's arrival as it so much age related. I always have said that I think being two must be the hardest thing in the world so it is so great that we have little memories from that time.

You sound as though you are doing so well. I have two darlings - three and nine months and we had the attention seeking behaviour to an extent, but as long as I could take time out to focus on my three yr old she was fine.

As far as the wetting, well maybe he is just wanting your reaction - to him a negative reaction is as good as positive as you are still taking time out to deal with him. Keep as calm as you can. He is still so little to be toilet training and he wll do it with time. Maybe a special star chart just fo him will work - my daughter loves the reward of praise and a sticker.

Time spent with your three alone and together is the only way to make them feel special and to realse they are part of a family and all have to share you too.

Goodluck..... Amy


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