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2 year old hits mum & dad Lock Rss


my 2 yo boy has started to hit me & his dad across the face recently. He thinks its funny but it actually hurts and we don,t know what the best method is to try to stop him. We have told him no thats naughty, it hurts etc.. We have even smacked him on the hand a few times which usually gets him sobbing but we don,t know if he is getting the message. To me this is is hypocritical that we smack him back. Can anyone help us.

my 18 month old has started hitting us and pulling our hair and it really hurts, but when we try to stop her or say no she thinks its funny and does it even more. I was just hoping she would grow out of it. When she does it to me I tell he No, thats naughty, you hurt mummy then I put her down or walk away and try to ignore her but I dont think she understands that she is hurting me and she thinks its a game becouse it doesnt hurt her.

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Hi Gayle,
My son does the same generally when he's excited about something. We just tell he to be gentle, we have a cat that he is gentle with so we make that comparison. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I think it's a stage they go through, atleast I hope it is.
my 17mth old started hitting me also i realised it was due to me giving him little smacks on the hands when when he was doing something naughty i put a stop to my smacking him and whenever he hit me after that i would give his hand a stroke and say gentle to mummy and it worked pretty much straight away and find him to be so much more affectionate.
My girls mimic what they experience at playgroups or outings.
Examples hitting across face, pushing into walls. They use to bite each others arms off! well it seemed like it at the time.
When a behaviour starts that I don't like I started, example if they hit me across the face. That made mummy sad! in a low voice. If they did it again, that made mummy sad! If you hit mummy again you will go to your room (or playpen, portacot, nannys' bathroom) somewhere away from where they want to be. Somewhere away from the attention. It can take a few days or a day depending on what reaction the girls have
had from each other or myself from their behaviour.
It is working for us. Takes time, but less yelling, and no smacking.

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