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Hi everyone!

I have a little boy named Jordan who is just about to be 19 months old.

He is 14.8kg, and 94cm tall, so is quite big for his age.

We have recently been making regular trips to Pay for Play Centres with My Mothers Group, and i have found that Jordan likes to play a bit rough with the other Kids.

Mostly, he just amuses himself, but when the place is a bit busy, or we are at a smaller place, where he is in closer contact with other kids, he tends to be a bit rough with the other children his size.

It's quite bizarre, coz he is great with littler babies, but with other children his "size", is when he is rough.

Has anyone had the same, or similar problem?

Because of his size, many mothers think that he is a lot older than he is, and think that he is being really naughty, but, he is still just a baby.

I understand that i have to teach him how to play with other kids, but of course an 18 month old isn't going to know how to interact with other kids the way a 2.5 year old does.
And most mums tend to assume that's how old he is!

Anyone with any tips?

Anything would be appreciated. I don't want my son to be the "naughty one" that the other mothers frown at!!!

'~ Jordan ~ Sept 04 ~'


It is really hard for you with the age he is at. My son has always been smaller and shy and he was the one kids would pick on at play centres.
About 5 months ago he started to like rough play but I could reason with him as he is much older. This lasted for a while (started when I had number 2) I told him people did not want to play with him as he was hitting them.
He has changed and is not hitting friends now. People told me it is just a phase and it was and has passed.
But your son would not understand this at his young age. I know how you feel. I used to get so stressed that I had to watch his every move incase he hurt another kid.
Has anything changed in your lives, house or anything lately. I was told the behaviour was for attention as Holly was getting it all - I now agree with the people who said that. He would never hurt his little sister but now she is crawling he as started to whack her if she touches his stuff.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05

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