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15 month old behaviour problems Lock Rss


Any advice would be appreciated on this. My 15 month old son pulls my hair with a look in his eyes like he is really trying to hurt me. When I finally get him to let go he grabs hold of my cheeks & digs his fingernails into my cheeks with this same look. He has also just started biting & pinching me.
I'm not sure what to do. He does it to his dad too but not as much as me. Doesn't do it to anyone else or when anyone else is around. I have tried smacking him on the hand but find not only does it not work i also find it hypocritical. I have tried saying 'naughty boy that hurts mummy' but he finds that funny & does it more. I have just started time out in his bedroom for not even a minute with the door shut which seems to be working but have only been trying that for 2 days. Would like a back up plan. Other than this he is a really good boy. I don't understand why he does this.
Any help would be great

Mel & 2 boys Daniel 20/5/03 & Jesse 9/3/07

Hi Melissa, I've got a 17mth old who does the same things, she has been known to bite, whack you in the face when you're holding her, and puls hair. She has a 3 year old sister who she does this to aswell. I have found the best solution is to immediately put them down, tell them its very naughty to do this and walk away, withdrawing any attention. She thinks its a joke and laughs when she does these things, then she starts to cry once I've walked away, shell follow me, I then turn around again and say that is very naughty you mustn't bite, hit or watever. I have found this to be the best solution as they hate you walking away from them, I just leave the room and go and do something somewhere else. I have tried smacking her hand too and found that this just encourages her to smack otherpeople. Sorry I can't be more help but I know what your going thru. I would also love to hear any other helpful hints on this subject too.

Marita, Gold Coast

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