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naughty boy, mummy can't take much more! Lock Rss

My mother raised me and two autistic daughters who are twins and never, even during the most difficult, turbulent, excrutiatingly painful times did she ever bestow such evil time out 'punishment' on any of us. Any idiot will tell you that any punishment at this tender age needs to be conducive to their age and development, however unsuccessful it may be at first. Yes, I agree in most part with the other person who replied to your email in that you are a piece of work, however, I like to believe in the best in people and hope to think that your intentions are not meant to be cruel, but an act of exasperation. I'm not excusing your behaviour, as I've implied, it is strictly appalling and yes, you could be reported for child abuse, however after reading your letter, I think you need help. You should visit your GP or child health nurse and ask for a psychiatric referral for both yourself and, more importantly, your son before things really get out of hand and you become a domestic violence statistic of the kind we hear about on the 6.00 o'clock news.

Age 38, Qld, pregnant with 2 and a half year old

Hi Emily,

I just want you to know that what you are going through right now sounds oh, so familiar to me!! When my little girl was that age she got into everything constantly too!! I had days which drove me to despair. It is a normal stage of developemnt for your child to act in these ways. And since I know you and have met you personally I want to say for the record that I know you would never harm your son!! A little smack to try and reinforce your point when all else fails isn't going to do long term damage (sorry to all the anti-smackers out there... I am just talking about a tap on the bum or hand, not child abuse). Have you tried time out..? I find if I get to the point you are at it is best for me and my daughter if we both have a little time out. I simply put her in her room until she calms down and then I go in and have a cuddle with her and we get on with our day. If you need a break Emily drop me an e-mail and we can get together for a coffee or something. Please know I am here for you.

Take care sweetie and please know you are not alone!!!

Michelle smile

Hi Chelle
I haven't checked the post for a few days so thanks for your message. Yes I agree that a little smack won't hurt him, especially if he plays with the oven or the hot water tap!
Liam is defintely at a naughty stage, but I have hit on a great thing for him to do! Take him to Queens park at let him go, there is nothing he can get into! YAY He just spent the morning there smelling the flowers and running around. He is exhausted!!
Time outs work really well for him, he is always happy to sit in his cot and play. Which is excellent so I can have a cup of tea and relax. (His nana even had to do it the other day! He is so full on now!)
Anyway, I guess we all have our bad days, so we just have to keep going.
Thanks to all the great responses and advice

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

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