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Playgroup ..... Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter will be 2 next month and I reaaally want to start taking her to playgroup. However, we only have 1 car, wehich hubby takes to work and there are no playgroups within walking distance. I'm worried by not taking her it may affect her socialisation skills. Does anyone have any comments, ideas or solutions??


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Hi Jaisasmum,

Is it possible for you to catch a bus or even a train to a playgroup. It would be so exciting for your daughter, it would be like an adventure for her.
Playgroups are a great idea for socialising not only for the kids but for the mums too.....

Good luck & i hope i've been able to help.

Michelle - Mum to 2

contact the play group assocation in you stae maybe you can start one your self at home or close by

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Maybe even if you have a child care center with in walking distance you could see if you could put her in there one or two days a week, for child to child interaction

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I decided to put my son in daycare one day a week to assist with his social and development skills. I heard from a few people that the playgroup in our area is very political which put me off a bit.

Daycare is not cheap but you should be able to claim for the childcare benefit which will reduce the cost. After the benefit I pay approx $27 obviously depending on income will depend how much benefit you will receive.

The only downfall for daycare is that you cannot participate, the good thing about this, is you get a day off and can do things you would like to do without having to worry about your child.

Hey Jacksmom, thats quite expensive for one day, iam a child care worker and i do know the fees are not cheep but i pay $25 for two days for Taneesha to attend child care a week, where you are paying pretty much the same for one day, i know it also depends on what % from center link you get aswell, but yeah i would be looking in to that if i was you, my friend was paying $60 for 3-4 days for her daughter where i was paying that for 5 days so i told her to look into it and they it ended up being that they were over charging her, so now she only pays something like $40 for 3-4 days, also some days at child care (depending on which one of course) they do have days that parents are included ie farm day, parents day where you are invited to go and have afternnon tea with the children, christmas partys etc

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi Ann,

Thanks for this advice, it is always appreciated.

My husband earns quite a bit therefore we do not get much benefit from centrelink. I queried it again this year and they say it is correct.

My girlfriend from my ex-mothers group pays more than me for one day at the same daycare and her husband earns more than mine, so at this stage I pretty sure everything is correct.

Hi there

I started my first playgroup when my son was three months old and to this day he loves it. Granted, its not always easy to get him there every fortnight, as we mums have got to the stage where other things have impeded on our schedules. The way I started it was to put up a sign in the local child health clinic. Perhaps you might try that or, perhaps go for a walk through a few of the streets in your neighborhood and do a letterbox drop to the effect that you want to start a playgroup for toddlers. You could manage either of these ideas by way of a rotating roster in that, once you have finally ascertained who is joining etc, each member could host this informal event in their homes. This is one of the best things I've done for my son's social skills and I hope it helps you too. Have fun with it! You'll also enjoy the social interraction.

Age 38, Qld, pregnant with 2 and a half year old

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the ideas! I think I might do a drop around the neighbourhood and look in to starting my own playgroup - thanks ZoeZeus, great idea!


Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

I Have a 17mnth old girl who loves to go to Playgroup on Tuesday Mornings and Kindgym on Thursday Mornings. Mackala is very good for her age with sharing I say she got it from Playgroup. She loves been interactive with other kids and when we are there I'm invisible for the 2 hrs!

I wish I took her at an early age but I never knew of them but I will be taking my other kids(when i have more) to Playgroup from when they are young.

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407


I have just moved to a new suburb and contacted my local early childhood centre as asked them of recommendations of playgroup centres. They referred me to 5 different ones in the local area and 2 are of walking distance. So I would suggest possibly contacting your local early childhood centre - they are listed suburb order in the white pages under "e".

All the best.

Mum to toddler

Hi Kirsty, I understand the transport hassle. I don't drive and have 2 boys under 2. If you call the playgroup association and tell them where you live they will give you details of any near you. I actually travel 30 mins by train to take my son to a special playgroup run for gifted children, and I find that the travel is worth it. We make a bit of a day of it and go and have lunch afterwards. I also have him in family daycare one day a week for the social aspect and he seems to be thriving on it, he is developing a really close bond with his carer and the other 3 kids she looks after. Have you tried contacting your local Child and Youth Health centre? There is an association called the Friends of CYH that has groups that meet at a lot of the centres for parents and kids to socialise. I attend and help organise one at Salisbury if you want any info my email is [email protected]

Jo,SA,mum to Zachariah 27/6/03 and Jaydon 28/9/04

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