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:( very concerned, sad mummy & daddy Lock Rss

our 3 1/2 boy has stopped kissing and cuddling! wen you go to kiss him he says no no u cant give me kiss. and if you ask for a kiss he says he cant or makes up silly excuses like "daddy has whiskers" and "mummy got something on her face" its very depressing i was wondering if any one is going through this i wonder if anyone has sed something to him.

My little boy has gone through the same thing. I understand how sad it is coz all you wannna do is kiss and cuddle them, and have them do it to you too. Well, our little trick to get him to kiss us, is telling him we are 'sore' so he can kiss us better! I have 'sore's all over my face that get kissed better, but he wont kiss sores on our lips. I don't mind.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

My 2 1/2 DD very often refuses to kiss her daddy goodbye in the morning or goodnight for bedtime. It is very frustrating to not understand why this is. I know she loves her daddy, and is very happy to give kisses and cuddles on her terms. We can sometimes get around this by making it more fun, for us I will hold DD up to daddy for an upside down kiss. She thinks this is hilarious and quickly offers up kisses. I know boys are very different to girls, but it is all I have to offer you. Good luck.
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