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8 mth old and another on the way!! Rss

hi my names renee,
im 19 and have a beautiful 8 mth old boy.. and am currently 13 weeks pre3gnant. i would like some advice on how i get my boy used to the idea of another baby around. As he is a little to young to really understand.
Hey Renee,

My 19 m/o hasn't really taken much notice of his baby brothers arrival to be honest as newborn tends to sleep a lot. He's pleased to have 'fun' mum back though that can get down and play at his level, so theres usually a game of chase everyday now smile

Take the time that your newborn is sleeping to play with your older one as much as possible when bub arrives. Next year I will be taking toddler back to baby gym (we both loved it) and make the effort to get to playgroup once a week as well. Our antenatal group still meets up for coffee once a week also which gives the kids a chance to socialise smile

I want to keep up the activities for his sake so I don't feel like we are at jome all the time and he is being told off.

Sorry for the waffle, its late and I'm about to go to bed.
Good luck.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Ds was 7 months when I fell pregnant. 2 weeks till my due date he is now 16 months. He has only just started to respond to where the baby is and acknowledging him, as before I think he was too young.
I got some books and read them to him, got him a baby (which I dont think he has ever played with!), got him to start giving kisses and cuddles to his teddies, and treat them gently.
I just would say hello to the baby everyday and now he lifts my top and gives kisses.
Talking about baby and having other babies around him are a good way to ease into the adjusment I think!
Good luck with it all!

DD was 8mths when I fell pregnant with my 2nd. They are 17mths apart. They are now 3yrs and 22mths old. They are the best of friends and even sleep in the same room! ( due to the house on the market ). They have the odd fight but what brother and sister don't?
I let dd rub my belly, she came to midwife and scan appointments with me. She came with us to pick up the baby from the hospital, and when Alex needed the cot Cathrine helped to put up her bed. She helped me by getting nappies etc.
Get your little one involved with baby as much as possible and it will be easier as time goes on.

Good luck just remember accept help when ever possible.
Join a local music and movement group and playgroup. I love these as it gives me and the kids time out of the house and to be with other mums and kids.
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Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08


Mine are just short of 16mths apart.

1)The best bit of advice I can give to prepare beforehand is to make any changes you need.. eg new bed, new room or a new car seat, a LONG time before the new baby arrives. This will hopefully stop the older child associating the new baby with the changes.

2) Get your little boy a "baby". Play dollies with him and teach him to hug and kiss the baby, and when you play, make sure you hold it like you would a real baby. This way he will have his own baby to play with when you have yours, and he is used to seeing you holding a "baby".

3) Try as hard as you can to have some one-on-one time with the older child, leave the bub at home with dad for an hour and take your boy to the park.

4) When the baby wakes up, don't just stop whatever you are doing with DS and run to the baby, but try to involve him.. eg: "baby" is crying, should we go and get him out of bed? and "baby" is going to bed now, would you like to give him a kiss goodnight? The more you involve DS in caring for the baby, even if it is just bringing you a nappy or something, the more special and important he will feel. My DD loves to help me and is now the first to stop what she is doing, jump up and run into DD2's room when she wakes.

5) The first few weeks are going to be very hard. You will be tired and DS will have a lot of adjusting to do. My DD1 was really clingy for the first two months and I was extremely stressed out, blaming myself for not coping and for how unhappy DD1 was. Please try to make some time for yourself and for the new baby, without beating yourself up. THINGS WILL IMPROVE.

6) The real, biggest lifesaver for me, was to put DD into family daycare one day per week. This is the day I go to doctor's appointments, do the grocery shopping, clean the house, and, most importantly, have a rest. Start this before the baby arrives!

Good luck. I am sure your kids will bring you a lot of joy and laughter. It is definately all worth it!

Madelyn Jean - Jul 08. Emily Florence - Nov 09

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