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Revive the relationship Lock Rss

Hi my name is Lyndal and am having trouble with my relationship to my partner of five years and father oif my 2 1/2 yr old DD. We both work fulltime and don't get much time to ourselves, I also suffer from depression and we are finding it very hard to deal with. He wasn't trying to undersatnd what I was going through, he has tried reading up onit but our relationship has taken a beating, and I don't know how to revive it. We are soo distant these days. I need some advise, please before it really does come to an end.
Hi Lyndal,
When I was pregnant I suffered depression both during pregnancy and after I had my son. I didn't realise what it was at first and it really got a hold on me. After I started medication it was a whole different ball game and things improved. Not really understanding it properly I though that seeing as it was pregnancy related after I had bub i would be ok and no-one told me what to do so the day I had bub I stopped taking my medication. Huge mistake. After bub was born we had a lot of things happen we moved town ect and I kept blaming the way I was feeling and the challenges hubby and I were having on being new parents and moving ect. Things got worse and by the time my son was 5 months old my marriage was walking a pretty fine line and neither my husband nor myself could understand what had happened to us and we went to see our GP who put me on medication for postnatal depression. It was like magic. Within a couple of weeks I felt like a whole different person and our relationship was growing stronger by the day. Here we are 3 years on and our marriage is the best it has ever been. I guess the point to my big long story it. Are you getting treatment for your depression? If not I really encourage it. We went to all my appointments re it together and it helped us work on it as a couple. Another idea is have you considered counselling maybe a outside point of view might help. Take care I wish you all the best, a good marriage is worth fighting for.
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