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Do children start t talk that you can understand what they are saying?
Like my daughter is 19 mths and says alot of words that i can understand like good girl, no, yes, up, bath and more i cant think of right now, but she also says other things that i cant understand what she is saying and she looks at me so seriously as if to say ok mum you know what iam saying and all i can really say to her is yes ok or really etc, so i was wondering what age so they start to have a conversation with you that you know what they are saying, like she understands exactly what iam saying to her and does what i ask her to do its just some things she says that i dont understand what she is saying.

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I'm no expert, but from what I've read and heard from other mums and my community health nurse, it's just a steady progress. They learn more and more words, then how to put them together into simple sentences. It sounds like your little girl is great at communicating (with words and with actions). When my 15mth old says something I can't understand, I answer her as best I can by guessing what she's talking about. I think, at this age, it's very important to listen and answer them; take them seriously because this encourages them to communicate with us. hope this helps, or your could talk to your doctor or community health nurse.
my eldest son was slow to talk he was just over 2 when he stareted to talk more. no2 is a chatter box . we just watched a home video of his 2nd birthday. and was amazed at how much he was saying full on sentences, like haering an adlut talk . my youngest turns in about 3 weeks. and says the odd word but he will try to copy if you ask him. ryan can you say... he usually tries

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Tanessha's mum,

My son who is 18 mths is exactly the same as your daughter. Health centre nurse said toddlers will start to say more words clearly at 2.

She suggested try reading 2 x 15 minutes each day to encourage communication. This is hard for me sometimes, as Jack won't sit for a minute still. I am successful just before bedtime and I have noticed a difference already.

Hope this helps.

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