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When is a good age to stop giving my daughter a bottle?
She is 19 mths and still has her night bottle which she relies on to go to bed and a bottle of milo in the morning as she will not eat breakfast and never has, i have tryed her with diffrent type of breakfast ie weetbox, fruit, yougurt, toast, etc, so the only thing i have found to get her to have so she gets the vitams is the bottle of milo,
so yeah just wondering what a good age to stop the bottle all together would be.

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi Ann I recently ask my community nurse the same question. And I was told that my son should no longer be having a bottle as they have a tendency to cause tooth decay. He is 13 months old and we are slowly trying to stop his morning and night time bottles. At least his lunch time bottle has now been changed to a cup.
I was also told not to give him his night time bottle just before bed time but instead i should be giving it to him with his dinner. This is suppose to get them to go through the night with a dry nappy, in preparation for when they no longer sleep with nappies.
Goodluck with it all.
When i went to the health nurse when Taneesha was 18 mths she said she shoule not be having more than 1 bottle a day but as i said in my first post she dont eat breakfast no matter how hard i try to get her to she wont so i have to give her the milo to get some vitimins in her, lol um she depends on her bottle at night though but i could try to give it to her at dinner time and see how that goes thanks Lynette for that

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

I also have this same problem where my 20 month old treats his bottle like a dummy. Whenever he is tired, whingy etc he crys for his bottle to settle him down. I take most of the blame as he was and still isn't a very good eater so I used to always give him bottles of milk as I wanted to fill him up somehow, so I guess now he is used to always having it. He is down to only half a bottle for his 1 sleep a day and another half or so a night, just before bed. But if he didn't have the bottles, he would never fall asleep on his own, so i'm worried as to how I am going to deal with it, as he doesn't have the dummy anymore.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

Mydaughter watched me throw out her bottles a few months ago. I then gave her milk in a sipper cup before bed and after she got out of bed in the morning. She now only has a normal cup.

She originally wanted her sipper cup in bed but I refused. It only took 2 nights of her whinging and crying for 20 minutes before she fell asleep. Now she doesn't ask for it and goes to bed with an extra teddy to play with as she goes to sleep.
Brianna didn't have breakfast when i first got her off her morning bottle but i did work something out that may help.

I found that she liked the sweet taste of the milo but i found some formula biscuits that you drop into the bottles that weren't so sweet. By using the formula in her morning bottle she slowly got used to the taste of cereal (or closer to it than milo). I then gradually made the amount in the bottle smaller and after she had the bottle topped her up with rice cereal. She started to prefer the cereal so the bottle got smaller and smaller until it disappeared! She never used formula before this but i think it helped her with the flavour.

Now she chooses her own breakfast!

~ Family complete in 2012 ~

As my daughter has never ever had a night time bottle I cant help you there, but she was off bottles by her first birthday.
She uses a sipper cup or those pop-top bottles. I wouldnt be giving a bottle filled with milk, juice, or milo before bed though as they are full of sugar, water is a better idea.
I forgot to mention that if you are worried about your daughter getting all of the vitamins and so forth that she needs, why not change her milo to formula for toddlers? My daughter loves it and it keeps me feeling reasured that she has everything she needs when she is going through a picky stage. If she eats well throughout the rest of the day though, I wouldnt be too worried about skipping breakfast.
My daughter is 3 and still has a bottle to go to bed. I don't really think a bottle before bed will rot their teeth as my son also had a bottle up until then also, he is now 11 and has had no problems either his teeth and while most children his age have most if there 2nd teeth he still has only lost his front 8 baby teeth. My daughter doesn't eat any dairy products and will only drink warmed milk from a bottle.

Pop tops are not good to use as they affect their speech as there tongue gets use the rounded motion it uses and can cause difficulties with the way they use there tongue for speech. I also had a friend who only gave her children pop tops and at the age of 4 her son has had 8 of his teeth removed due to this.

I think this is everyone to there own if you don't feel bad about your baby drinking from a bottle to go to sleep then let him have it. But as he gets older let him know that his bottle os only for bedtime and then you don't have to worry about him walking around woth a bottle.

As i said my daughter only has it to go to bed of a night and never has it at any other time. Sometimes you should not worry what others are telling you is wrong and just wheen him when you think the time is right. I also have a 15mth baby and she also has a bottle before bed and also when she wakes and i don't intend to take it of her any time soon. Some children just won't take milk from a cup and in this case how else do they get there milk intake. You don't want to incourage it by putting milo or anything in as this is really not good for them as it is full of sugar, my sister did this and now her daughter won't drink milk unless it has flavouring in it.

It is a hard question to answer and i think a mother knows best for her child and you will know when it is the right time to take it away.

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

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