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How do i prepare my 2yo for a baby? Lock Rss

I have a 2yo little boy and i need advice on preparing him for a new baby. Im only 14w 3d but i figured the earlier i start preparing the better. Advice please smile
We talked to our DD while I was pregnant (well, we started once there was a bump to talk about!) about her baby brother or sister. When DD#2 was born we had a gift for her to give to her big sister to say thank you for letting me come to live at your house. I also tried to get her as involved as possible with looking after the baby (who we called her baby!) She still gets her a clean nappy and goes to find the wipes etc. I think it is important to let them touch the baby and I really try not to say things like 'don't touch the baby' or not let her hold her.
there are great story books on the market about a new baby to the family. you could read these stories to your son and after the stories, talk about how he is going to getting a baby brother or sister.
also involve him in the process, take him to at least one ultrasound, so he can see the bub. let him gently feel your tummy as you get bigger, and if he is lucky enough to feel a kick or movement.
if you see, tiny babies in supermarkets, tell him that soon one day he will be getting a baby like that.
hope that helps
We did the book,ultrasound and present thing.

When people came to visit, we insisted they approach #1 child and make afuss over him instead of just focussing on the baby.

We also referred to baby as brother or sister not baby.Then once born, by her name. We did not use the word baby at all for the first few weeks. He helped bathe her and empty the contents of the change table in the process! lol...

She also gave him a birthday present.

He loves his sister and wants to kiss and cuddle her quite frequently.

Basically do what you feel is right for your family...good luck
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