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14/15 mth old dramas Lock Rss

Hi All, my DS is soon to be 15 months old and I'm pregnant with my second. Lately he has been acting out of sorts like throwing tantrums, being incredibly clingy and just being a wee toe rag.

I'm not sure if he senses change or he's just going through a developmental change. My question is when we give him praise he's very happy and gives himself a wee clap, which is so adorable.. However when we tell him off for like hitting the cats, throwing objects/food or just being naughty and we say "no" he literally laughs in our face and continues..! We just don't know how to correct this or will it just come with age..?

Also at eating times as he to big for the high chair and just climbs out of it, we brought him a wee table & chair set.. It started off really well and he would sit nicely, where as now he has a bit of food and just gets up and leaves. Even though we consistently put him back he gets all hysterical and turns into an absolute nightmare..! How do we teach him to stay and finish??

If anyone has any similar experiences or can share some advise would be great.

Thanks gasp)
Welcome to the start of the terrible twos. I wish I had a magic answer for you. Through my own experience just keep persevering in what you are trying to do already. Hopefully after a while things may get better in those areas.

I disagree that they understand at that age. My dd is 17mths and she understands no in some situations but only if I turn of the gruff voice. We just don't parent like and im not spending the entire days growling at her, so as pp said just redirect their attention elsewhere at this age.
My dd stands up in her seat too, I just sit her back down and offer her her food, but after three times the meal is over, she's obviously not hungry and I don't believe in forcing them to finish a meal if they aren't hungry.
Come on rubes give kids some credit!

A 14 month old absolutely understands when a parent is telling them not to do something whether they growl or not.
I don't growl at dd (actually I've slipped up a lot lately cause she's been pushing my buttons a lot) but i have always used the word stop right from when she was a crawler. And it didn't take long for her to understand what that word meant.

They may not understand the difference between a good or bad behaviour or that they need to sit and eat but they will understand when mum or dad aren't happy with what they're doing.

I think now is the time of no return. You Ned to sit down and figure out how you are going to parent your child. Develop a philosophy about how you want to teach your child right and wrong. Visit your local library and grab some parenting books for research.

Redirection is a fave of mine for this age group but if you aren't teaching a child what is acceptable at the same time then how will they learn? As pp said get down to the child's level and say "we must not ...." then direct them to another activity. As the child gets older you can introduce consequence. So by age two the child will understand "do not ... Or you will have time out" or possibly understand the choice "please do not.... Or have time out"

Dd is two and a half and for a long time has understood the choice.

By about 18 months i started telling dd "when you... It makes mummy happy and smile" reinforcing this with physical actions such as smiling and giving hugs. I did the opposite too "when you ... It makes mummy sad and frown" again follow with action sad face and no hugs. Now she will tell me "we don't .... Mummy, makes you sad" and will shake her head or "i did ... Mummy makes you happy" and she's joyful. This helps teach empathy.

Whenever dd tantrums I've found it best to push on. So if she's tantruming because she doesn't want to get dressed i just keep getting her dressed, doesn't want to get in the car i pick her up and put her in. Its not a rough thing its just about being firm. She soon learnt that some things we just do and having a tantrum doesn't achieve anything.

I really don't believe in forcing a child to eat an entire meal. Its not healthy eating. Encouraging a child to listen to their body and stop when full is good. If dd decides to leave the table before finishing i ask her to have a little drink ( i found she will often continue eating after a drink i think because it helps if she's had trouble chewing something) and if she still wants to leave the table she can go wash her hands and ill wrap her food. If she comes to me later asking for food she's offered the plate of food or a piece of fruit.

Hope I've helped. smile good luck.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Thanks everyone appreciate your feedback and I will certainly pop to the library as I do agree now is an important time to establish our parenting style. Argh the joys aye.. Haha and another DS on the way.
Thanks again x
hi There
wow some great advice I think I will roll with this
My bubs is 17 months old now and sometimes she tests the waters too
I always say lets hop into the food chair and once the eating is over I take it away
if she then wants more I give it to her anywhere in the house I dont really worry where she is eating it as long as she is eating lol
I think they have such a strong little mind and determination I find not making a big deal about those behaviours and rewarding the good stuff really helps
which is what your doing allready
its so normal we are going all going through it
ah the joys! love it
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