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How old would you let your daughter wear make-up Rss

Mothers what age would you let your daughter wear make-up.

I dont alowe my 6 year old wear make up because she is to young and she is pretty the way she is now when she goes over to her mothers house she alows her to to wear make-up at 6 years old her mother is trying turn my step daughter out to be like her mother i dont want that her mother is a bad influens on her
My Mum made me wait until I was 15. It was something really special for me and I know I apprieciated it even more because I understood my Mum's views on wearing makeup so young. My girls will wait until then also. For my fifteen I got a lipstick and mascara, and my own special razor for my legs. Yes she made me wait until then to shave also, but think I will let my girls shave their legs at 13, I got teased alot at school over it.


My daughter is 8 and does not wear makeup, however, she does wear lip gloss (she has Bratz lipgloss) usually clear, with a scent, or the lipsmackers. I am trying to teach my daughter that makeup doesn't make you who you are, if you are nice on the inside it will shine thru on the outside.. You don't need makeup to be someone you are not.
When we go out i find the lip gloss has just enough shine for her to feel as though she is wearing makeup, without looking to bad. i am not sure at what age i will allow makeup, and i hope when she does, which i am guessing she will try it at high school age she will use it in moderation, i have already taught her that makeup is not for school it is only for when you are going out for special occasions. I hope she remembers all this though!!! I do not wear a lot of makeup a bit of lippy and foundation really ..on a good day!! so hopefully she is learning from me!!
well see im the 6 year old step mum and i dont like her wearing make up till she is abit older. my step daughter also stole lipstick from the chamist becaus i dont alowe her to wear it.

her mother has already given her make-up her mother is trying to turn the 6 year old in to like her and i hate it i cant do anything about it.

there are alot of very young girls wearing make-up,short skirts,tight tops they are giveing the wrong impretions to the boys out there.

thats why i dont want my step daughter to turn out like thoese types of girls and copy her mothers bad ways
Hi there, you have to be careful at the make-up made for little girls . It is cheap and NASTY. It causes a lot of skin irritations and rashes.
I certainly would never put it on my skin let alone the beautiful delicate skin of a little girl..(or boy if he wants to play dress ups too!)Just think what ingrediants are in lipsticks and lipglosses. Kids just lick and suck it off and evetually swallow it..yuck

I think most kids have nail polish done when Mummy does her nails. I think this is fun, but I would steer clear of the face stuff.

Sorry if this comes across a little harsh!!


my 7yr old daughter is only allowed to wear make up for ballet i was hoping she would be t least 14 15

angels sit upon shoulders when u feel all alone

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