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How to prepare Toddler for Baby? Lock Rss

Title's pretty self-explanitry smile OK, so my spelling sucks!!!

I'm expecting Baby2 in Oct, and DS will be about 2 1/2yo. He's used to having me 24/7 and is very clingy to me. Does NOT like being left anywhere - not even with hubby or with grandparents, whom he adore!!!

Will appreciate any tips on how to get ready.

Background :DS not toilet-trained, though we're contemplating whether to start before or wait till he's 3 and Baby2's a few months old. He will use potty occasionally but we need to pop him on it, and it usually comes out empty.

Doesn't feed himself. He can, but messy and ends up playing with food or waving spoon madly around.

Doesn't like playing independently. I need to sit with him, even if I don't actually play with him, I need to be right there next to him.

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06

I had a DS 9 weeks aho and before that life was all about DD 21mnts old.
We were worried about how she would be but turns out she is fantastic with him here are some suggestions i can ofer you that helped with me.
We had DD in day care it dosnt have to be for long but just so thay get used to not being around you all the time and also being around other kids and sharing we found that helped HEAPS.
Also when i found out i was pregnent we brought a little doll and pretended that it was a real baby and did things like feed the baby and change it and things like that to get DD used to not having my full attention.
We also gave her her own bay dol when DD came along so then she didnt feel as left out so when i was feeding DD she could pretend with her dolly.
Also let try and let your DD feel as much apat of it as you can get him so help you do stuff it makes them feel SO important and they love that.
I hope i havnt said to much for you.
Best of luck and i hoope some of my suggestions can help you

Angela, Tassie, DD 30/06/2004 DS 18/03/2006


its very hard to reply because every child is different and there is no real wrong or right way to prepare. i have a 16 week old and a boy who turns three next month, we tried everything, from your a big boy now to the big brother.....before my other son was born.

the best preparation i suggest is that you and hubby prepare yourself for anything.

i didnt bother putting myself through the stress of toilet training while i was pregnant but now, he does it himself... my son whom was 2 1/2 when his brother was born relised himself it was time to be a help and that was when we acted.

everything i did for the baby i did it with my son, so he understood and wasnt left out. (nappy changing, bathing, showed him feeding ). and when bubby was asleep and spent time with him, wether reading books,playing or even outside for 15mins.
dont get me wrong i was tired but my sons' emotional well being was more important.
Now i find all the time and explaining i spent with him, he's fine, amuses himself and my baby is now 4 mths, so were in routine, which means sleep is now an option. It's hard yards they should have a bloody instruction manual on it, but it pays off in the long run.

dont forget dont stress, children see that in parents.

helping mum, zac 3, osca 4mths

Take Care

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