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Toddler Getting rough with newborn Lock Rss

I have a 9 week old and i think he is 20 mths oldmy eldest boy though i am wondering what else i can do to stop him from hitting his lil brother... Connor who is 20 mths old nearly 21 mths old has left bruises on lil Dakota's head by booting him when he thinks no one is looking
we tell Connor no but he continues to do it we have tried time out etc etc nothing seems too work.. Does anyone have any suggestions

angels sit upon shoulders when u feel all alone

hi, I have a 24month old boy and 6month old little girl within the first few months of bringing our daughter home our older son was very uncertain about the new arrival. he also waited til both myself and my husband left the room or looked away then he would get up and smack her on the head, at one stage he started to get very stuburn and did not want me to feed or cuddle her.since only a few weeks ago i started including him in getting things ready for her bath time and play time he know seems a lot settled around her.
i dont know if this really helps but i have found that including him in even more activities then what he done before his sister arrived has helped him to addapt to the changes.
Every time he dose somthing good for her i call him my special big guy and do some thing that he wants to do.
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