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Pregnant with number 2 need advice with toddler Lock Rss

Im pregnant with my Second Bub and my son Jake is 18months old and is very jelous of over baby's but only if i pick them up im really worried about when i have this bub, Jake will be exactly 2 when this bub is born has anyone got any advice?
when i was pg. with no 3 i bought no1 who was 2 a baby doll. he loved to feed , and play with it. maybe get him to help put the babys clothea away etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Selene

My son was 26 months when I got pregnant again, and we too bought him a doll with some accessories,eg; bath, clothes, nappies, this seemed to help, he is wonderful with his sister, a little jealous but nothing to be concerned about,
I know people who have tried this with 15 month olds so your son may be old enough for it to work.

Just try and let him be involved with things, we let dominic gently run the washer over Emilee's belly at bathtime (after the cord fell off) and choose her clothes, this seemed to satisfy him as he didn't feel left out.

Anyway I don't know if this helps but good luck anyway.
Hi how are you? Isn't it a great time.I was so worried how my little girl would take to a new baby in the house as she was 20mnths when I had her little brother, but the same as everyone else is saying get a doll of some sorts and let him bath and feed it.It sounds horrible but I always make sure that Alana has what she needs before I sit down to feed Dylan.Alana is less time consuming when it comes to feeding or whatever else so I make sure she has everything she needs then see to him.I don't know if this helps but anythings worth a go if it works great.Good luck and enjoy it.

Karen,NSW, 2yrs & 7mnths

Hi there, My two girls are 21 mths apart and I was amazed at how well Tahlua took to the new babe, I just made sure she was included in little jobs to do with baby and made sure she had things to keep her busy while I was feeding. It didn't take long before baby is smiling and gooing and gaaring at the older one which made her feel sooo important, and also to give the older one plenty of chances to kiss and cuddle the baby. It became more of a problem with mine when baby was sitting and crawling as Tahlua would push her over when she tried to join in her play or touch her toys. Now the tables are turning and Jazlin is now 17mths and knows how to pull hair and bite. It has been fantastic to watch them grow together as they are so close in age. They are very cute together tho and give eachother lots of hugs and kisses and Tahlua says to Jazie, you love me don't you as they cuddle. (there's a few tiffs in there now too)but on the whole its worth it I think. You will enjoy these moments too, good luck and don't worry things will just fall into place if you let them.

Marita, Gold Coast

I had my daughter Annaliese 6 weeks ago and also have a 20 month old boy, Nicholas.
He never really showed too much jealously before she came along as my husband and I purposly used other new baby's of friends and family and picked them up and fed baby's bottles to see how he would react etc, and he seemed okay with it.
Then afte i had Annaliese, I think the main thing that helped in our situation is that my husband had 2 weeks off at the time, so Nicholas received some extra 1 on 1 attention, and we were able to mix the baby time in with this as well.
Not everyone can have someone there all the time, but if at least for the first few days, there is someone there day and night that can attend to there every need etc, it makes the new birth not so scary for them as it ha\sn't distrubted their life at all - if anything made it a little better!
Touch wood, he has been wonderful with her and has not attempted to hurt her (yet)! He will sit next to her on the lounge at stroke her hair or body and if she starts to cry he tries to put the dummy in her mouth and pat her the way we do. The only think that he does to do much of is try a smother her with kisses and hugs which he lingers for a little too long and she gets frustrated!
There is hope as Nicholas is very active, aggressive sometimes, has oodles of energy, and is going through temper tantrums but around her is very placid, so we are very lucky.
Good luck and keep us posted about your birth

Jackie, Nicholas 5.5yrs, Annaliese, 4 yrs

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