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I'm struggling with my three year old whom thinks swearing is funny or suitable in every day lanuage, it started with my hubby whose has a wondering tounge.
I have manage to control my hubbys' mouth and he is certainly more careful when he is speaking now but my issues with my boy arent resloving?

Help... I don't know wether to focus on it or wether to ignore it hope it fades away.....?

Take Care

Everyone else but me in my household thinks swearing is acceptable, I have just had a conversation with DH about how any word she would get in trouble for at school is a swear word (he thought she should be allowed to say bl00dy and bugger) and he agreed that we will discourage it - just got to convince her Poppy now as he encourages it. I have just been saying that I don't like that word, please don't use it, or I can't understand you when you use that yucky word and that seems to get the message across with Em. I would try focussing to start with - tell him a better word to use that Mummy likes to hear (ie-sugar). Good luck.

Charlotte mum to Emily 27-08-03 & Lily 21-09-06

what happend when your little one swears how do you show him that swearing is bad and his not alowed to swear. you have to focus on it dont ignore the problem or it will get out of hand and then you cant control the problem before it really gets over the top...... you and your hubby has to show him that is wrong to swear....... if you dont show him that its wrong he will swear at anyone that he sees
Just try and ignore it, Hayley says "shup" which means shutup and also "doodle" I don't think she knows what it means though. The other day I said "for f.... sake" and she turned around and said "sake" ooops.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

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