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  5. Help!!!! Has anyone got any advice for a clingy 12 month old who also appears to be rebelling???

Help!!!! Has anyone got any advice for a clingy 12 month old who also appears to be rebelling??? Lock Rss

Hi! I'm a mother of a 12 month old boy. My son has been very clingy to me for a few months now, but lately he won't even let his grandparents hold him without crying. He is also nearly permanently attached to my leg while I'm trying to do something. Have I spoiled him too much that he doesn't know how to play alone???

Another "minor" dilemma I feel I'm facing is with routine things. Putting him to bed used to a breeze, now it takes several attempts before he goes down. And putting him into his pram or car seat which he used to love, now he automatically turns into a lump of jelly and slides out screaming and crying.

Am I just reading too much into this or am I just overly sensitive??? Any advice would be extremely appreciated!!!!!
OOH clingy children. Who the best person in the world - MUM!!! Who do we want to spend every waking and sleeping moment with touching constantly - MUM!!! What does mum want - 5 minutes peace!!!
Yes lump of sliding jelly in car seat, wait until he squirms and leaps because you are trying to do up the car seat belt and he wants to.
I try and include Akina in what I am doing. She sits on the bench when in the kitchen so she can see and help (read drop everything or make a mess) I do spits and spurts of housework and she is always given a broom or duster to help. He may be too young for that one but he can have a soft cloth to dust.
I doubt very much you have spoiled him. It may just be him, his personality. Akina is nearing 2 and has come leaps and bounds in the last two months so there is hope that he will out grow it.
Although you might need to turn off the hearing at times. He does need to learn that mum needs to do things by herself sometimes - like cook or shower etc so he is just going to have to have a scream about it but as long as you explain whats happening and why he cant do it too.


I know exactly how you feel. My 18mth old DD is very clingy with me at the moment. WHen I am cooking dinner she wants me to pick her up, she wants to shower with me, she wants to sleep in my bed. When I go outside she cries. She is like a growth on my leg sometimes. But I just think that eventually she will grow out of it.

How do you put your son to put? I've had alot of problems the past few weeks and I finally went out and bought a bed. Last night was the first night in a very long time that she did not come into bed with us. I tried to stern approach and told her that she had to stay in bed or otherwise I would take her dummy away and I didn't hear a peep out of her for the rest of the night.

I know exactly what it's like getting them into a car seat. Sometimes my DD stiffens up and I cannot get her to sit in her chair for the life of me.

Mother of 18 mnth old DD, NSW

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