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the loss of my 3 year old boy Levi Lock Rss

dear bianca,
my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family on your isnt fair sometimes but you must be strong and carry on. all the best with your new arrival in oct.
bye lucasmum

angela,vic,3years old toddler

Just wanted to say this thread bought me to tears! I, too, am sorry to all that has lost a beautiful child. It must be the hardest thing to go through. I leave now wondering how life can be so cruel...

Bindi, WA, mum of two

Hi Bianc

I'm not sure if your are still checking for messages but thought I'd reply just in case.

I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Levi.

My beautiful daughter died recently and I find the hardest thing to deal with is the loss of all the dreams, plans and hopes we had for her. I long to hold her again one more time.

You are in my thoughts.
To all of you who have lost a child,
I can scarcely imagine how you carry on each day. I guess that having another child means that you just have to go on as best you can.
I often see ads in the paper, memorial ads etc, and I just want to give you a hug, so as best I can I am sending you a warm hug, loads of prayers, and oodles of love for you and your angels.
Words cannot describe the sorrow I feel at the thought of you living without your babies, but I must say that the world was a better place for having them here, even if for such a short time.
God Bless xox

YM04, DS Sept 04 & Baby girl Nov 06

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