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A Proud Mum Lock Rss

Hi All,

I pretty much wanted to "show off" today - the new Huggies range has come out - as most of you would know, and my beautiful son Vann is featured on the boys 10-15 kilogram Toddler packet.

What a star!!


How sweet. Are you going to keep a packed in its true form to keep for him when he is older?

I will have to check it out!

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Congrats, Kim - you should be very proud indeed! I'll have to have a look next time I'm at the shops to see how cute he is. My bub's wears 'walker' size nappies so I tend not to notice the other ones these days!

Has he done much modelling etc? My hubby and I were talking vaguely about signing our bub up to an agency - we probably won't do it but I'm curious all the same.


Tracy, QLD, Nathaniel born 27 June 2005

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