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A toddler that pushes Lock Rss

Hi my daughter has just turned two and discovered the art of pushing other kids I do the whole "use gentle hands" and time outs bit but I'm wondering if anyone has any solutions. I have been told by quite a few medical people that it is a pecking order stage and that they grow out of it - but I feel like I'm always jumping on her and starting to dread going to anything that involves other kids.

to make matters worse I was abused by a women at a kids playground today because my daughter pushed her 3 year old over I didn't see it happen so didn't correct her straight away. I got told she must be from a very violent family which couldn't be further from the truth. She is very good with older children and plays very well with them its just kids around her own age. I'm grateful she doesn;t bite or hit but her pushing is starting to really worry me.

Does anyone else have a similar problem??? All the mums at our playgroup say not to stress but thats easy when its not your child doing it!

Qld 2 yr old


we have a little girl at playgroup that also pushes the other kids. it is about pecking order i think but the way my friend deals with it is she is quite firm with her daughter sometimes a little tap on the bottom and she is made to apologise and give a hug...

It seems to have worked out alright and she is playing alot gentler with the other kids.

Hi Vicki,
My daughter is nearly two and is really rough with other toddlers, however, she does the hitting and scratching thing more than the pushing. I've had the same thing, people saying 'it's just a phase, she'll grow out of it' although their children don't seem to be going through the same phase. Has your daughter grown out of it in the last few months? I just feel as though the time out thing isn't really working it's so hard to know what to do, especially when there are other parents watching your response.

Amie, Qld

My 2 year old pushes other kids too, it's almost like he over stimulates himself and thats when he starts being pushy. I try til i'm blue in the face to stop it but i think that its just something that they have to grow out of themselves. I correct him whenever he is rough and send him to his room, or tap his hand, usually he says sorry to the kids after. He has a will of his own, so i hope that he grows out of it soon. It does feel embarrasing though when they do it.

Jazzy,QLD,Boy4,Girl 1

Hi my son is 3 next month and he hits, punches and pushes other kids too. It seems to be only when he is in a group like at playgroup. it's usually with kids his age as he plays fine with older kids. And he can usually play fiine with just one other kid.

I feel pretty bad at playgroup because he seems to be the only one doing it and he hits quite hard.

I have tried taking his toys off him and time out but it doesn't seem to help. He knows he is doing the wrong thing but keeps doing it. I don't know what else to do either.

I dread playgroup each week just thinking about what he is going to be like scares me!

A lot of mum's tell me I should put him in daycare one day a week as the group environment may help I have considered this but I like looking after him myself, but would just like to find a way to make him be more gentle
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