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Spitting Lock Rss

I have a 3 1/2 yo boy who has picked up spitting and am interested in any advice on how to stop him. It has been going on for approx 2 mnths now and of course his little sister (21 mnths) is now picking it up. It gets quite embarrassing when you have visitors or are out shopping when he does it at them.
Please any suggestions and/or ideas will be gladly appreciated.

Julie, Vic, Boy 2000, Girl 2002

hi there
My son is 20mths and spitts aswell
he has done for about 4mths. But I have now got him out of the habit by ignoring him. I know tht you might have tried it but conatant ignoring will get him out of it.
It is embarassing
My son uswed to do it all the time but mostly when he got in trouble i would smack him and he would spit at me. So just persevere and he will eventually stop
Mel mother of 1 (20mths)

mel, qld, tristan 4

Thanks for the advice. I have tried ignoring previously but to no advail, I will perservere with it longer and see how it goes.
Hopefully it will stop as my 22 mnth is now starting to copy her brother.
What area are you from? I am in Vic.

Julie, Vic, Boy 2000, Girl 2002

Hi, my daughter is 3yrs and went through this terrible habit. She used to do it as an act of frustration at her cousin and her great grandfather when they stirred her. She would also do it as we were walking along the street. (So embaressing). She stopped about a month ago, so it took about 6 months. I would ignore, tell her No etc. Nothing seemed to work she just grew out of it.

chele75,Vic,3yr old

I hope he grows out of it soon. Although he doesn't do it as often anymore.
What part of vic are you from?

Julie, Vic, Boy 2000, Girl 2002

Hi Shadyl, I think you will find that he will grow out of it. I know it is so embaressing when they do it!!!
I am from Gippsland in Victoria.

chele75,Vic,3yr old

I live in Echuca, Vic but used to live in Devon Meadows near Cranbourne. All my family are now in Rowville so I travel to Melb a fair bit. If you like you can contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for the help. He is not doing in public much now but is tending to do it when gets in to trouble at home. Can be so hard to ignore, butwe are managing and it is getting better.

Julie, Vic, Boy 2000, Girl 2002

I have a 2 year old who spits and he has got his 1 year old brother doing it too. My early intervention group explained it to me as "his way of continuing the conversation and in the process gaining the attention that he wants" I thought i was ignoring it but when they watched me i was only ignoring it a little not all the way. I was told that the reaction to spitting had to be firm and consistant. Totally ignoring him. I found this very hard. for example the boys had to get their passport photos taken. they both sat there and spat for every photo. the only thing that i could do was to take them out of the shop and distract them. apologise profusely to the shop assistant and then be thankful that i wont have to go back into that shop for a very long time. I am slowly getting a result but just when I think they have gave it up back it comes. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel though.
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