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15 month old hitting and throwing Lock Rss

I am at my wits end.... when i read the other forums they all talk about toddlers 20+ months, i have a 15month old and he's been hitting for a few months now, we've tried timeout, ignoring, everything i've tried to be as consistant as i can, but he just does it about 5 minutes later, he hits your face, leg anything..... it's not hard but can come as a shock to the other kids in his kindy class.
Both my husband and i are rather placid people, i've only resorted to tapping his hand when he's been near dangerous items and he's not listening to no!!!
I've put it down to his teeth, being unwell, but now i have no answers cos he does it so many times a day now it can't be his teeth.

is this really a faze at such a young age............ i can't stand it anymore

honey honey honey!

15months is the age where this thing begins yes but that is not an excuse1 its not his teeth, and its not him being unwell-its just your baby turning into a toddler who is testing hs boundries-thats his job.But your job as his mummy and daddy is to teach him that not only is this behaviour wrong it wont be allowed either.

time out isnot effective for young ones as they dont have the ability to remember what they did or remember why they arebeing isolated. ognoring wont work either because he will continue this age it is a difficult time for discipline especially if you are choosing not to smack or even tap the back of his hand.I personally and this is just my choice, at this age i chose to tap the back of thier hand for these kinds of stuff as they need animediate response that shows them that their behaviour is wrong and unacceptable.

i hopethis helps even just a little, i know how difficult it can be to figure out what to do at this age here they seem to be inbetween the age of requiring true discipling and being a baby and not understanding. but hitting and throwing is thekind of behaviour you want to irradicate asap.

good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

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