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Visiting the Doctor Lock Rss

I have a 16mth old daughter who is absolutely frightened of our GP.
He had given her the 2mth, 4mth, 6mth and 12mth injections. His nurse gave her the Meningicocous vaccine -- again she cried when she saw him.

From about 8mths onwards whenever we take a trip to see the Doctor, she is ok when we walk in and see's the Receptionists, but as soon as she see's the Dr she just cries.

I have taken her there when I have only needed to see him, but even then she's cried.

She had to see him before her 12mth shots as she had tonsilitis -- cried even then -- when there were no injections given.
We hadnt seen him for about 8weeks until this week when she developed an upper respiratory viral infection..... On this occasion he took us into another consult room.... there were toys and things to took at. Her grandmother also came with us.
However as soon as he brought out his ear examining thingy she started howling/screaming. (very unusual for her).

Has anyone else experienced similar episodes with their children and if so, does it still occur. Or if it no longer happens, how long did it last....
I hate to think that she will be crying when she is 20 going to see the doctor.....
Failing that, change GP's but that is becoming increasingly difficult finding a GP that Bulk Bills.!!!!!

Thanks smile

leviniaa, NSW 4.5yr old daughter

Had the same problem with my nearly 3 year old. She wouldn't let the doctor near her. Tried changing doctors and it didn't matter. When she was sick and I would say 'lets go to the doctor' she would just sit there and say 'no doctor'.

Final solution was to locate a doctor who only deals with kids. His room is full of all these great toys including a talking bob the builder doll. She now knows the doctor as the 'bob builder doctor'.

The other thing that I did was get her a doctors kit so that she could play doctors at home. This helped her to understand that looking in the ears etc doesn't hurt.

My tip would be to get the doctors kit.
Thanks Janszy

I'll look at getting some sort of doctors kit when she would be old enough.... she is now 18mths old, so probably a little young for it.

Due to health and disease control issues our GP is not able to keep toys at their surgery. The children have to "BYO Toys/Books" which i feel is understandable.
This is in Newcastle, NSW Aust, so i don't know if this practice of BYO Toys is filtering into other Doctors Surgerys.

Thanks for your reply anyway!!!

leviniaa, NSW 4.5yr old daughter

Hi there

we have exactly the same problem. My boy hates seeing the Doctor, loves the waiting room with the toys, likes talking to the Doctor but as soon as she touches him "aaahhhhhh" the screams start.

As for Bulk Billing, HA. No one seems to bulk bill any more. In fact my local GP went from Bulk billing to $45 a consultation overnight. How's that for a price rise. I feel like I'm stuck with them as well because they know my kids so well. That's life I suppose.



A doctors kit is that way to go. It is best to play this game when she is well and happy. You can make your own by playing doctors with her by taking her temp with a ear themometer, asking her to stick out her tongue and use a paddle pop stick like the doctor, and letting her do the same to you. My son used to cry when the doctor wanted to check his throat, but now is ok. When the doctor checks his ears I always say big hug for mum, I sit him sideways on my lap, rest his head on my chest, put one arm around his tummy holding his arms at the same time and my other hand holding his head to my chest (hard to explain, hope you get the drift!!). he now knows what to expect and is quite happy to comply with no tears. I also have the best doctor, (who bulk bills health care card holders) I have been very lucky.

qld,3yr old boy

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