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NEARLY [email protected]@@@ Lock Rss

I am after some advice i have a 2yr old little boy who is nearly three in feb!!
I also have my brother and his girlfriend and their daughter 20 months staying with us.
The problem is my brothers g/f is constantly picking on my little boy for hurting her daughter, yes he can be rough but hardly ever, and im sick of her always saying to people behind my back how my son always hurts her daughter, mind you her daughter also has a habit of biting other kids and sometimes just outright harasses my boy, even to the point where he will be eating and she will try and swipe his food even though she has her own, if she doesnt get it she really gets angry to the point she will actually bite herself to hurt.
I do tell my son off when he has done wrong but kids will be kids and i now feel like i cant let him near her through fear of my brothers g/f and her big mouth, not really but very much to that point

cathy vic 3 and 4 month old

Have you spoken to your brother about this? You have every right to feel comfortable in your home and, if they are staying with you, they need to respect your authority. If things don't improve you need to ask them to leave if that's possible financially for you. In the mean time try to come up with a solution with your brother's girlfriend about how to handle this - maybe even by separating them at mealtime and having them play in separate rooms where possible. Having another on the way you just don't need this.

Good Lucy,


Lucy's Mum

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