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Screaming for attention Lock Rss

My little 13month old screams at the high chair when she wants more food, also in the car seat and at the base of my feet when she wants to get up.
I have done the ingnoring until she is quiet and then give her lots of attention.

Has anyone any other ideas that has worked for them

please help ree
Hi Ree,

Since you said that you have tried ignoring her - have you tried trying to explaining to her that she doesn't need to scream at you to get what she wants. (I know it sounds stupid)

My son now 21mths old used to do this when he was about the same age, I guess that they really find it hard to communicate what they want around this age. We also tried to show him signs that he could use to explain what he wanted. This has also worked. Stopped him screaming as well.

Perservere and it will get better.

Carissa, QLD 2yr son

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