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Reality has set in...but still not wanting my little girl to be a big sister Lock Rss

Well we only have three weeks until the EDD of number two so we have slowly started getting my bags ready for hospital. As we have to take nappies an the lot we went out an brought the first box of many nappies for bubs.
My DD is really excited about the whole ordeal and is always telling people " me beig sis soon" i think its so great that she is coping with it so far although i still worry how she will go when bubs arrives.
Well so far out of 108 box of nappies we have approx' 5/6 missing because Jamee-lee has decided she is going to use them for her baby, After watching her do this i get so emotional i cant stop crying i have to walk away because im still nowhere near being ready for her to be a big sister.
How am i meant to prepare myself mentally for that????
_____________________________________________________________Sarah 20 DH 21 J-lee 20mnths an 3 weeks EDD

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Its glad to hear that apart from the inital bumpy start everything works out fine.
I just dont want my daughter to feel left out at all even from the word go i think that one thing im defiantly worried most about.
So i think she knows alot about what is happening as we have many books about babies an she practices on her all the time and it helps alot. When i was pregnant with ehr two of my cousins were Pg at the same timeand we were all due within three mnths together an its the same again.Also my sister has a 10mnths old boy and my daughter helps with him when we go to her place. In ways it eases my mind about how she will react straight up but i dnt know how to stop not wanting her to her big sis.

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Hey Maria,

I must agree with you im am very emotional at the present time all i seem to have done the last three months is cry.

I'm hopign she will cope just fine with it all.... iKnow it will take me ages to get used to it.I am trying so hard not to think to much about ehr being a big sister but she is constantly coming to me and telling me that "me be a big sis" and all i do is cry..
I do love the fact that she is excited but its a little too much for me espeicially when she always want to kiss my belly an cuddle my tummy.

Were all getting so excited cant wait for the new arrival but still so nervous.

Sarah 20 DD 20mnths

I really miss the excitement that you are experiencing. It is such a beautiful time.

My children are 7, 5, 3 and 2 and I had the same worries with all of them but expecially when I was expecting my second. You will be so caught up in this new bundle of joy and introducing your little girl to her new brother or sister that your worries will all dissapear.

You hear all the time from Mum's that they cannot remember their life before their children and it will be the same for your little girl.

Keep your little girl very involved with the baby and you won't have any trouble.

I wish you all the very best.


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