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12 month old and a new born... Lock Rss

My boy is 11 months, i am due in 7 weeks and he will be 12 months. How do u think he will react to not being " number 1" in mummies life.... i have heard of jealousy ( i even got it form my cat wheni had ash) so how do i handle it if it happens?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Kirsty,

I see you havent had any replies and although I have no advice as I only have a 2yr old I just thought I'd wish you good luck. I know people who have done it and done it well with a little routine and a little care free attitude of whatever happens happens. All the best.

Bec and Jade

Bec. Mum to Jade (June 03) and Makai (July 06)

Hi, My Daughter just turned 1, and I have one due in october, 15 months apart! I have asked my self this question many a time!
Thankfully, I am a child care worker, with a great team of co workers, and access to lots of mums to talk to!
After being told that I'm slightly mad for having them so close(which my husband and I definately did NOT plan!) So many people I spoke to either knew some one that had had kids that close, or closer, or had had them that close themselves.
The common line between all these stories, is that like most siblings, they have their ups and downs, but due to the closeness in age they are often the greatest of friends, when not at each others throats!LOL!
As an older sibling to a brother 3.5 years younger than I, I found I somthered him as a baby, hated him as a child/teenager, and am only just now getting along with him as he's 21 and I'm 24.
I hope my two are closer emotionally!
Jealousy is almost impossible to avoid, but making sure you have special just you and 'Number 1' times (which obviously will need to be flexible to fit in with Number 2!) Can help make the transition slightly easier (so I'm told!)
I'm already telling my daughter that she's my Brooklyn, and I love Brooklyn cuddles etc (being careful not to say girl, incase I end up with a second girl!) And letting her know anyway I can that she'll always be special to me because she's her!
Go with the flow and know that what feels right for you and yours, usually is!
Hope it all goes well, sorry for rabbiting on! Would love to hear back, swap ideas, stories with you or anything!!

DD Brooklyn 15/7/04 & DS Zachary 5/10/05(14m&3w bt

I have a 22month old girl and 4 month old boy (18 months apart) and I have had little if any problems with jealousy. I think being so close there is less of a problem. I did a few things like getting her into a bed early and getting her used to playing on her own for long periods (toddler-proofing the whole house and keeping doors locked is important here).
Tenille loves her little brother, and my biggest problem has been when she wants to cuddle Nicholas all the time - when I'm feeding him and when he's sleeping...
I am also lucky enough to have a very helpful and hands-on hubby who is more than willing to do everything from feeding and bathing to changing nappies and putting them to bed.

Carmel, Capel WA, 3yr girl, 20mth boy

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