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Big Kid smacked my 11 mth old for being curious! Lock Rss

yesterday i was at a play centre and there was a bigger kid, prob around 4 or so who was playing with a nuber board thingy and it was making noise so my curious lil boy waddles over. the big kid elbowed and elbowed to push my son out of the way. Of course Ash thought it was a game and persisited only to be hit in the face by the big kid! I was shocked! Ash looked at me and then at the kid but didnt cry ( tough lil bugger he is) then I told the kid that wasnt very nice and Ash turned around to get onto a trike and as he is half way on an even bigger kid maybe 4/5 ran up, launched ash and took the bike! Ash jumped up and chased him and tried to push him back. BY this stage i wasnt goin to stop him! let himd efend himself. I have n older kids so I am just wondering if this is normal behaviour? Am i being too protective or are these kids just naughty? Doea a 4/5 yr old know its not right to hit and push? especially younger children? or am i being naive?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi Kirsty,

I don’t think hitting is ok at any age and as a mum I'd not allow anyone to lay a hand on my daughter. And the fact of the matter is some kids have a more angry temperament then others. My daughter had the almost the same thing happen to her twice already.

The first time she was hit by another kid about the same age as her was when she was about 10 months. The other girl was her age too but very angry and grumpy. My daughter is very happy and playful and she loves other kids (especially playing with each other) so being the content baby she is she crawl over to the other girl and to her surprise the other girl gave her a smack!

My heart just drop to see her being bully! She was just being friendly and got hit for it. But like I said being the friendly bub she was she just came over to me sulk a bit and stay away from the other girl. The second time was when she was 12months and she’s reacted in the same manner as she’s not a violent bubs.

We can’t always prevent this from happening and the best thing we can do is to explain to our little bubs that they are not wrong and reassure them with a lot of comforts and explain to them that it’s not acceptable. I don’t believe hitting back or any thing physical is of any good because you don’t want to teach them to use violent to resolve their problems (use violent and u will teach violence)

In your case I'd advise u to speak to the workers at the centre about what u witness and your concerns so they can keep an eye for this matter. We do put a lot of trust in ppl who work in centers looking after our bubs so I believe we have the right to feel reassure that they are free from harm.

We can’t always control what happens to our kids but I believe we can decide how we teach them how to deal with different situations.

With answer to ur question, no kid has the right to hit another kid. That’s abuse!

Good luck!
Hey Kirsty!!

OMG ... aren't some kids just SO rude!! I mean it may not be the kids fault, like maybe the parents just don't give a SH1T how their children bahave, but the bahaviour of some children I have noticed is NOT GOOD!! I took my son to a play centre (with a frind and her son) a few weeks ago!! There was like a little cubby house thing at the play centre, there were a brother and a sister inside! My son and his friend went to open the door to go in, and the girl slammed it shut ... nearly catching my son and his friends fingers in the process. My friend went over and told the children that the cubby house was for everyone to use and they had no right to be so horrible to our kids (who we at least two years younger than the girl and her brother)!! They just laughed! Then my son tried to climb through the window and he was pushed away and fell backward! I went up to them and told the them that they were very rude children and they had NO RIGHT to touch our kids!! The children's mother just sat there, not even saying a word!! SOME PEPLE HEY ...

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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