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adhd in 2 year olds Lock Rss

i have a 2 year old son who suffers from very bad behavioural problems he has been diognosed with adhd but i dont know if it is possible to tell at his age, he sleeps 40 mins a night the rest of the time he is running around like that he has had about 20 cups of coffee he wont do what he is tole im really at my wits end and was wondering if anyone else who has a child like him would be able to give me a bit of insight on what to do
please help
A magazine I read once had an article on the adhd and the mother in the real story said her son was diagnosed with it but after she had done some research found out that wasn't it at all it was diet related and now has a son who is much calmer, i'm not saying it's the same for, infact I wish it was but maybe your sons behaviour is something else and a second even third opinion wont hurt and at two years of age sounds a bit too early to make a definate diaginose. Ask your health care nurse for any one who specialises in adhd and ask about support groups who can help your son and you because you are going to need breaks from him so you can sleep and rest. I wish you lots of luck for now and the future.
I have a 19yo I had massive problems with. I refused to contemplate the medication idea, so we looked at diet. I think this may have made some difference but by the time I looked into it she was at school and it was impossible to control her diet. If you want to follow up ask your clinic nurse about hyperactive associations, I'm sure they'd know something. More recently on TV I have seen a few things that indicate sleep habits have more to do with behaviour than anything else and looking back, I strongly believe lack of sleep may have been our biggest problem. It was very hard for her to unwind and settle. I now have a 16month old and can certainly see when he needs sleep and have put in a lot of hard work to ensure he gets it. I also notice if he has a late night, I pay for it for about a week through having a whining child and he wakes up through the night as well for about a week.
Sleep tight

Jenny, Townsville, Qld, 24yo, 19yo, 16mth

Hi.. I was recently watching TODAY TONIGHT on channel 7 & there was a story on kids with ADHD & how they were being SUCCESSFULLY treated by a Naturopath in Newcastle, she has found that these particular children actually have some major vitamin & mineral deficiencies..

I was VERY impressed, visited & got her details should I need it in the future - I have a very ACTIVE 1 year old which may have ADHD tendencies..
There just seems to be SO many children ( & parents ) who suffer from this, that for some time I have wondered WHY in this day & age .. It was just never around years ago..

Everything starts with our nutrition & if our foods are a little lacking in nutrients ( not any fault of our own - soil problems etc ) it is no wonder our children are suffering..

Check it out - I would highly recommend it!

[email protected]

Good luck smile


Tracii, NSW

I knew there was something wrong with my baby boy when he was 1. Never stopped moving. Would completely destroy his home in a rage. he ran me ragged. For 4 years I fought with doctors and medical professionals to find what was wrong. They blamed me until when he was 3 they could see his baby brother(aged 1) did not display the same traits. We tried diet. Found a few things he couldn't have. We tried relaxation and behavourial adjusting courses but in the end(and he was in grade 2 by then) we tried the medication. it was the saddest day of my life giving him that pill.
He is 10 now and still on the medication but I now have a good relationship with my son and though some does are a huge battle, I love him dearly. You just have to try everything and sometimes twice, just to find what works for your son and your family. hang in there, a lot don't or can't but they do get better with lots of love and patience.
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