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Help mummy has a new baby Lock Rss

I always thought that I was a great mum and that I treated my daughter well. Since I have had our second child all my daughter seems to do in my eyes is wrong - she is either to loud, doesn't listen, sooks too much etc. I just can understand what has happened. I know that I am tired but I really dont think that she is a bad girl I think that it is me. I dont see myself doing it until it is too late. Can anyone help me how to juggle myself I feel torn.

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

i felt the same when i had my second child too. my son was so good for me until his sister came along. i think the childs age has something to do with it as well as jelousy. my son was nearly 4 and starting to get bored. he is off to school this week, so i am hoping it will make some sort of difference to his behaviour.

trudy,nsw,mum to kai 5 & chelsea 21 mths

Your first child is always an angel. I have a 17m.o who is quite stubborn but has always been mummy's boy. I now have a 2 week old, and he has a little brother. When you have a newborn, you are more tired than normal which in turn reduces your patience and tolerance. I am in the same boat as you in all aspects. I what we need to try and do is give quality one on one time with the first born and also...remember to breath, deep breathes. Your daughter, just like my son, probably feels more left out and secondhand than ever right now. Try to be patient with her. It will improve, I'm sure of it.



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