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spiritual babies, toddlers and children. Lock Rss

My husband has colon cancer and is now having chemo..
When he had his major operation to remove the tumor our daughter woke with crying spasms often during the night. When I went to the hospital and checked his chart it was the same time her father had severe pain.
During and after chemo she is unsettled and goes through the same pain as him. When he is fine so is she.
It is often noted that twins experience this same spiritual connection.
My husband is physic and the gift also has been passed down to our daughter.
We encourage this . Our daughter is 2 years of age..
I would be interested in any stories other readers may have similar to this.


My 2 year old will be sitting and playing then all of a sudden she will stop and stare.It's as though she is looking at someone there.Or other times she'll jump up and shut the door, because she thinks someones there.I dont know what this means but it's as though she can see something that we can not.What do you think.
I believe very much in this type of stuff. i have only ever had one experience where there was someone walking down the hall of a house I was house-sitting when I was 17, although the first haouse I lived while at uni was a bit odd at times. I have known too many people with too many experiences to not believe. I think its wonderful that your daughter and husband are so in tune with each other.

Michelle, Townsville Qld, 8y, 21mth,16wk

I went to a clarvoiant earlier this year and she told me I was pregnant. I was, but I didn't know it at the time. She also said that I have psychic abilites but will only use them in times of need. I always felt I did but just needed it to be confirmed by someone in the know. She said I would have three children and they will also have strong psychic abilites and I should enchourage them as the one I'm carrying now will use this as a profession. I'm wondering how you have enchouraged your two year old and what I should not do. My two year old sometimes talks to someone called Jack. We owned a dog called Jack but we sold him when our son was eight months old so he wouldn't be able to remember him and we never speak of him. When he was an infant he would be happily playing away then all of a sudden turn his little head to the side as though someone or something caught his eye then he would start screaming. It really terrified me because it was a though he was frightened by something and it would take me sometimes up to an hour to settle him. During this time he would be continuously trying to turn his head around so he could see in the direction he was looking when he first got upset. I would eventually take him out of the room so I could settle him. I don't want him scared but I do want him to be able to see this as an assett and use it to the best of his ablitity.


Sorry the reply has been so long.

To answer your question on how do we help develop our two year old with her physic abilities?

We ask her about the angels she sees or talks to.
Acknowleding that we beleive with her.

For rest at night.

We close her aura at night and surround her with pure white light so that she does not get disturbed by them trying to tap into her. ( She is like a phone line so we switch that off at night.)
We also have amethest crystals in her room she touches them from time to time.
After visitors my husband does a clearing of the house to remove any bad energies that have come in .
I have many stories on the above subject and could go on forever. However perhaps you could get some information from a healing and teaching centre close to you. I do not know what state you live in if it is SA I could give you a telephone number for one centre. They also have many books.


Hi I was a non beleiver, then i decided to go see some one and she was great. I was told a lot of things that she would of never ever of know, but in some one it was scary and in others it was good to hear. I was also told that my youngest baby that was only a couple months old then was a very gifted child. Now i'm waiting to see if this is true but to me no matter what any one tells me to me my children are and always be my little gifts of life. My twins are very strange at times with things about each other even though they are not identical they still feel things for each other as they are very close to each other.
I will one day go back to see some one as its an experience you cant forget.
This story trully warmed my heart. Your daughter is an angel from heaven.
My daughter is an angel is the truest sense of the word too. From the moment I saw her eyes i knew that she was an old soul who had travelled this earth previously. She is now nearly three and she so touches the lives of everyone that she is in contact with, from her grandparents to the elderly lady at that shops. When you are feeling down she will put her hand on your cheek and the warmth that comes out is incredible.
A few months ago i went to see an angel channeller who told me that i was right she is an angel, is a healer and that we have been mother and daughter in a previous life (but reversed)
I have an angel statue that i bought because it reminded me of her. she told me that it was her and treats it with such reverence. i never told her that it reminded me of her.
She picks out my angel cards for me and their combined messages to me are profound.
How can i best encourage this is my biggest dilemma.
The twist is that at the moment her father and i are seperating. she is so perceptive that i cannot hide anything from her.
How do i help us both through this time.
Seperation is a hard time for everyone. This advice comes from me who has been divorced with four children. My daughter that I speak about in my story is with my second husband. So beleive me I do know the pain and strain you are going through.
I suggest to keep reminding her everyday that you love her. Those three words can calm a child down. I will give you and example. If a child is having what I call a "Hissy" fit. ( and they all do) if you quietly sit next to them and speak softly "I love you" with eye contact it calms them down. They feel secure and there is no greater feeling than truly being loved. and being told it! especially when it comes unconditionally!
Honesty is another good thing. Explain your current situation remembering to keep it short. ie. Daddy is going to live in his house and you and I are living in this one. You will see Daddy ..........She will understand this even at three years of age. Honesty is a quality that secures a good relatonship even mother/daughter because respect is born out of honesty.
Try and keep your moments together the same. ie. if you both do the angel cards after dinner regularly keep doing this. She relies on her routine at this age.
I think what you are doing is great. As she gets older you can then progress on to what she might ask. There are so many New age stores that sell great books to help with spirtuatlity, or Healing centres that offer advice or help.
By the sounds of it you are doing a great job with raising her and educatiing her in this area.
I bet she will be a great Rekei healer later and Lucky you!.
I hope this helps If you need any more advice on what books etc let me know.
Love and light,


My great, great grandfather was a medium and people would pay alot of money to see him back in the late 1800's. I have always felt some sort of phycic conection with the afterlife. My baby was very ill and I didn't find out until he was 5 weeks old. He has a hole in his heart (vsd) and a narrowing of his aorta artery which is now repaired. The weeks leading up to me finding out about his illness, one time I woke up and had to check on him straight away as I had dreamt he was blue and couldn't breath, (this is common in heart babies, they are called blue babies from loss of oxygen). One night he woke up in the middle of the night and I got up to feed him. I was feeding him on my bed and there was a white light shining above him as I was feeding him, it wasn't scary but I felt as if I was trying to be told something. My son now has a scar across his back from surgery from under his arm to the top of his back half way. The story is that when he was born, one of his Angel wings were still attached and he had to get it removed. I believe my son is an Angel.
Hi, i would like to tell u my story, my partner was involved in a car accident back in 2002, after 6 days it was determined that the best for him was to let him cross to the other side. His funeral service was on february 14th 2001. I found out i was pregnant on the 15th of february. I had a textbook pregnancy until i hit 32 weeks, then my waters broke, i was given medication and steroids to stop the baby from coming early and was told i would be induced on the 28th of september 2001(My late partners birthday is on the 29th september) Our son arrived early on the 5th of september 2001. he was very ill with sepsis(a light form of blood poisoning) and hypothermia. As i named our son with his fathers name as a middle name, i was talking to deklan's nurse in the scn who turned out to be glenn's cousin. Who had been having reoccuring dreams about glenn. I was not supposed to have deklan in the hospital i had him in, but had he been born on time he would not have been looked after by his cousin. When deklan was six weeks old, he had to go back to hospital, remarks from the hospital were that he was a fighter and a survivor. Often after my son was home from hospital, he would stare past my shoulder and smile. I believe glenn was there. I recieved a phone call from a friend of glenn's who had been contacted by glenn who has told me many different things all of which have come true. Including meeting someone who she described to a tee. I have notied that he is sceptical on a lot of people who his dad did not trust, but whom i liked. I am told often how much our son lookes like his father. At his 8 month checkup the nurse could not believe how much he had caught up and was no longer classed as "prem". this i believe was his dad's help.

BB,Vic,18 month son

hi there beckie i have a 4 yr old and last year woke up screaming that there was someone in his roon standing near his window after an hour of talking to him i worked out that it was my grandmother who i am in connection with. in october i went and had my cards read and got told that connor has a very big spiritual way about him and as he gets older start doing it as a way of life. This is a very big of my life as i read cards and talk to my guides all the time and is nothing new for connor to see me talking to nothing. I would encourage all children if they have this gift to work on it and cherish it. It can be very comforting for child and parent in times of sickness to have this gift, specially if one parent has crossed over to know that their child will always be in contact. If any child is talking to nothing or tells you a name for eg your lilltle one with jack that would be your dog. or in general taking to nothing or getting upset there is usually a loved one that they can see. All children have this ablitiy to see this but its as we get older and our innocence gets lost then thats when we start to disbelive and question things. If we can have an open mind and stay inocent like our children we would all have a better understanding. good luck to all that have spiritual angels in their lives.


If these are such 'good' gifts to encourage then why are many of your children afraid when they see something?
Do you realise who they are seeing and who you are communicating with? You are encouraging you children to talk to demonic beings! Yes they know alot about you and your familys, because demons pass down from generation to generation, they walk around with you daily and see everything that goes on in your homes.
Your children are frightened because they are seeing something that would terrify most adults, the worst part of your familys past.
If anyone wants to cut off the curses from their past, and stop these demons affecting the future of your children then you need to pray for Gods forgiveness. Forgiveness takes away the curse of sin from our lives. Only God gives 'good'gifts. If you want your children to have gifts of healing and prophecy then ask God to send the Holy Spirit into their lives.
If you believe in angels, then you must believe in God- and He made humans as humans and angels as angels.
You can't be human and an angel, they are both different beings, it would be like saying my dog is a fish - doesn't make sense does it!
Find out the Truth - read a Bible and see what God really says about these things.
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