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Daddy in the army Lock Rss

hi there
i have a two year old daughter and a 10 week old daughter. my husband is in the army here in townsville and goes away alot. i want to try to make him understand how hard it is by yourself when you have no family to help out with the kids or to give me a break. he is away at the moment on a promotions course for 4 weeks in the mean time i have a two year old who suffers terrible constipation and runs around screaming all the time, a baby with bad reflux who doesn't sleep, i work 2 days a week and am ment to be responsible for the running of the house and bill paying. i have nothing left to give anybody because i have nothing left in me. i understand the army life and thats part of his job but when he comes home its all about how hard it was for him out there. he went to hawaii for 5 weeks and spent 2 and a half weeks working but when he got home he needed a rest because he was tired from his trip.well im tired to. i called in sick to work today because i could not face it so its starting to effect that. I am on anti-depressents to so i thought that would help my husdand to realise that i need a bit more help around the house and with the kids but when his home its all about the playstation.
well i have had my whinge, can't say i feel better. thanks kristie
Hi Krissy,
I just wanted to tell you that I understand your situation. My husband is not in the army but retail managment alot of people liken our situation to army families . We get transferred every 2-3years anywhere in australia with approx 2 weeks notice and he goes away on business trips. I have a 2 1/2 year old boy and we are no where near our family or friends and only one car so all but on my husbands weekend my son and I are at home alone with no where to go and no way to get there anyway. I do wish that I had people who popped in for a chat and kids to play with my boy but we don't really stay anywhere long enough to make friends and of course you don't meet people if you never go anywhere. I am fortunate that with a bit of prompting from me my husband does help out a bit but it can be like getting blood out of a stone sometimes. I love my son dearly, but when he goes to bed I then run around and do all the housework that needs to be done whilst my huband plays Warcraft on his computer. I know exactly how you feel when you say you have no help and get no break it's tough. I was on anti depressants for about 18mths I stopped about 12 months ago and I largely feel that it was a result of the Isolation I felt and the lack of any me time, even just a 5min cuppa would be great. It's funny I live in Brisbane among masses of people but feel totally alone. I know my situation is not exactly the same as yours but I just wanted to let you know that someone does understand and wanted to say to you that "Its Tough!" I hope you are able to improve your situation. What do you do with the kids on the two days that you work is it daycare? If so could you do 3 days of daycare and take and day for yourself or drop a day of work (or all together) and keep your daycare days to have some you time. Just a suggestion,
Take care and make sure you see your depression treatment thought to the end you will feel better if you do. Good Luck.
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