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dad not into no. 2 Lock Rss

Hi, I have a 15 mth old and am starting to feel that yearning for another bub. I would really like to have them close in age, 2 yrs idealy, but that would mean falling preg. now and my partner really doesnt seem into the idea. He isnt ready but I am... has anyone else faced this?? Maya was a lovely suprise for us so it's really important to me that the next one be a mutual planned descision.

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i was in the same position as you, but hubby finally grew on the idea.
my girls are 2.2 years apart.
however once summer came along it took chris a while (about 4 weeks) to starts to want to spend time with her and he continued to say but i only wanted one child.
however now she is 12 weeks he loves her as much as dakota and brags about his 2 darlings.
i felt bad at first for putting the pressure on him into having number 2 but it all worked out fine.
now we are a happy family of 4, and hopefully in the future our family can grow even bigger.

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

hi there my partener was exactly the same on this topic our first son was a "happy suprise" , we did discuss haing another baby but he was determined that they would be at least 2and a half years apart NO SOONER!!! ...... Suprise 9mths after my first son i was preg with our second son i dreaded telling him But he was actually ok about it - what can you do! was basically his reaction. we now have a two year old and a 6mth old and we both have no regrets at there age difference as they are the best of friends and e have found there to be not alot of jealously with our 2yr old which ws great. i think the whole thought of going through the sleepless nights - teething etc is abit daunting for dads esp - all you can do is talk to each other and let him know where you are coming from - talk about the pros - and cons. i wish you all the best good luck with num2

Tanya - Byrin 2 & Lachlan 6mths

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