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Can anyone explained to me why my man would rather spend 6 hours playing the PS2, rather than spend time with myself and our 6 month old daughter??

My partner works a 6 day, 12 hr day a week. He will come home at night and rather than spend time with us he will go up and play the PS2 saying he just wants 10 minutes (which turns into 6 hours) to himself cos 'hes been at work all day'. I would love 10 minutes to my self too

Please Help

Erin, NSW, 5month old girl

I do know what you mean!!! Damn those PS2's!!!! although my hubby isn't quite that bad he does tend to get crabby if our daughter is all over him and he's playing a game or she accidently trips over the controller cord while shes playingand I say"Don't stress it's just a game!!!" But boys will be boys i guess maybe your man will get over it after a while mine does. He will have a phase esecially if we get a new game but hell be over it after a week try talking to him about it all i said to my hubby was "look at her how can you choose PS2 over our angel?" (She also LOVES her daddy to death and is all over him after work and his days off!) So my man is making an effort now which is great. I just love watching them play! all he has to do is see how much she wants his attention and he gives it to her and he actually turnes it off to play with her now!Just try talking to him maybe it is a stress releiver for him . Hope all goes well!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

Sad but true - most men feel uncomfortable or don't know how to play with a baby until they can actually crawl or walk.

During the day (when cleaning) you could "accidently" move the game he was playing. I did this on occassion and blamed scattiness on tiredness, hormones or periods - this usually works!!!
Hi girls,
I guess men feel differently about parenting than we do.
They do need to go into their CAVE and unwind after work but the amount of time is the real issue here. My partner loves his son but feels he can not play with him as he wants to until he is older. Now I get fustrated because our son is so much fun at any age and my partner will miss out on who our son is if he does not spend time with him. But some men believe 1/2hr is enough quality time where women it maybe several hrs.
I suggest talking to him about spending quality time with you and your daughter and then when she is in bed etc spend some quality time with you then take time out for the games. These games are like a time machine. The hrs just zap away for them but for us they are long when your feeling neglected. Communication is the key. If after talking to him he still insists on playing with his games for 6 hrs then you may have to take action and show him what life would be like without you and his little girl. Hopefully he is a reasonable man and a compromise is just around the corner.
Good luck!

Jungle baby

Hi I too know what what you mean about the PS2 and the computer's just as bad but I've found now that Aimee is older and can do more he has started to spend alot more time with her.
I think some guys just feel like they cant play with the baby cos they dont do anything but as your daughter gets older and starts running around hopefully he will start to interact with her, my partner did from around 10-11 months when she started walking, now they have heaps of fun together.

Take care

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi All

I totally agree with you but now my 5 year old son is stuck on there with his dad HELP!
I just hope my daughter will be into it when she older then I will have many hours of time by myself,time for me for a change.

Good Luck to all with PS2


I hear you!!!

I have to remind my husband to spend time with our kids. He would never do it on his own. He would rather watch DVD's. Then I have to suggest something for them to do.
What is it with men????????
My poor sons love it when Daddy plays with them. That is why I remind him.

mum of 3

My Hubby isn't the computer game type, but I used to enjoy playing them. The problem is that they can be pretty addictive, you keep saying, just one more game, I'll get through this level.
The best thing would probably be just to talk to him. Tell him how much it would mean to you if you could all spend time together. Ask him to hold the baby while you get him a nice cold drink?

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

my hubby has the same prob with the ps2. man there annoying. his on it as i type right now and has been on it all day ever since he woke up this morning at 8:30 and its a sunday and i feel like going out some where, anywhere cause ive been at home all week and the weekend is the only time were together all day. he doesn't like to be around his kids while his playing.
i shouldn't have let him buy it. waste of $500 that i could have spent on my self.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

I don't have a problem with PS2 as we don't have one, my problem is boring is it to hear car this and car that, i am probably in a very good position to tell you all ANYTHING you ever needed/wanted to know about cars...i'm starting to dream about them, one of these days i shall go up to hubbys shed and systematically blow them all up!!

Whats a girl gotta do?......

mum of 1

Have you tried talking to your partner about this issue? Does he know how you feel? My husband works long hours and loves to get on his computer too when he gets home... but I asked him to wait till our 17 month old daughter goes to bed before he does. I understand that your partner has been at work all day, but chances are so have you (especially if you are a stay at home mum)...

Try communicating with your partner...

Failing that disconnect and hide the blasted PS2 wink

Good Luck!
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