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Dad in charge!!! Lock Rss

I just need to vent my frustrations about my husband's attempt to look after our daughter for ONE day!!!

His sister had a baby on Tuesday so his mother has gone to stay with her for a couple of weeks. Normally his mother looks after our one year old on the two days a week that I work so this is a bit of a problem for us. A couple of months ago I said to my husband "WE need to look for a back up caregiver" but he didn't want to have the hassle of finding someone so he volunteered to take the necessary days off work (he works for a family business). He knew that I couldn't take the time off because I've only been in my job for a few months.

Anyway, yesterday morning he wants her nappy bag packed so he can take her to work. I was trying get myself ready for work (and suffering from morning sickness) and got pretty annoyed as I would have packed her bag the night before if I'd known he needed it! When I got home that night he starts moaning about his day. He had forgottten he had a meeting that morning so had our girl with him (which fortunately was ok with the person he was meeting) but he was so busy he didn't change her nappy so she was soaked and starting to get a rash. She also didn't get her morning sleep till after 10 (usually 9) and it was in the car. They were out until 1pm when he came home to give her lunch and put her to bed. She slept for 1.5 hours so he sat around and did NOTHING! I couldn't believe that he hadn't loaded the dishwasher or vacuumed the lounge (always dirty due to dog and child!). Then he took her back to work and didn't get home until 5 minutes before me so dinner hadn't been started! He was then on the phone for another hour so it was all up to me!

And then he asked how he got "stuck" with her for the day (hello - you volunteered!) and said WE had to sort something else out for next week! How am I going to do that at such short notice? Why do men have selective memories about what they say and do? His biggest complaint is that it is the end of the financial year so he needs to be at work - well he knew when the baby was due!!! This is all reminds me of when our daughter was born last year and his parents went on holiday two days after so he couldn't take time off work because no one else was there!!!!

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Sounds like he needs to work out who he is married to - you or the job! And when he volunteered to take time off - doesn't that mean not going to work?

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Hi paula you poor thing and what about you (who is pregnant) and why do men always think that they have the hardest job and I think that you most definley need a other back up for babysitting for your daughter and I also think that your hubby needs to work out what is more importain between his life with you and your daughter or his job that doesnt give him love and attention.

Your hubby shouldnt being I got STUCK with your daughter cause most of the time the kids are with the mums and we never complain and if he know that he was having your daughter he should of taken the whole day off and spent the time with her instead worrying about the job for the day.

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i would have been more p****d off by the comment that he was" stuck" with her
get him to oganise alternate care for your child . let him ring around daycare/ friends etc

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