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Dad going away for 1 month. Lock Rss

My son will only have just turned 1 and hubby is going away for 1 month. Will bub know that he is gone away or will he settle ok. Anyone gone through this same experience

axel 20-05-2005

Hi, my husband goes away with work occasionally too, anywhere from a day to about a month, and then sometimes also works up to 7 days a week so it's very confusing and hard for the kids. When they were smaller though like your son it was probably easier as after the first couple of days they tended to forget (I know it sounds bad) and stop asking for him. After that they just resumed their normal routine and the main problem for me was when he returned home. Understandably he missed them heaps and wanted heaps of hugs etc but as they hadn't seen him for ages they were quite standoffish and a bit uncomfortable around him for the first week or so which was a bit upsetting for him. Good luck with bubs and make sure to take time for yourself as it gets a bit lonely/stressful when you're used to having hubby around.

When my son was one his dad went away for 5 months (career change - needed training at other end of North Island). My son seemed to settle quite well when he went and he was (and still is) a real daddy's boy. I found it easier to just keep him in the same routines and to have family there to help me. he also got to talk to dad on the phone every weekend. Although he couldn't talk much, I think it helped him to hear daddy's voice to know that he wasn't gone for good. Now the two of them are inseparable and my son is now 2 1/2! I think your son will settle ok as long as you keep the daily routine as normal as possible, and still let him hear daddy on the phone.
Hope this helps smile

Rebecca, NZ, Boy born 30/10/03

Hi axels mummy my partner works away as well and he cames home every 2 1/2 weeks and only home for 4 days and I know that when Jaye's dad cames home to us she doesnt really know what to do and after awhile that when she will give him a big cuddle and kiss and she smiles her head off when she is with her dad.

But when he has to go back to work and after he leaves Jaye plays up for awhile and she walks around looking for her dad and that when she realise he is back at work and she settles after a day and its all back to normal again and I know that babys dont forget their fathers.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi axels mummy

My hubby has been away for 7 weeks, one more to go. I have a 20 mo and nearly 4yo. They both miss him, but it's true what the others have said, the younger they are, the easier it is on them (not necessarily you though). When he went away when both of them were younger, I found sticking to the same routine really helped, but I also changed a few things while he was away that made it easier for me. when he got back, we gradually went back to the way is was. The best thing I can recommend is have a photo of bubs and dad that DS can carry around with him, or have next to his cot, and get him to talk on the phone as much as possible. Discuss with your hubby that when he comes home, chances are DS will be very wary of him for a while, and may not want to go near him. If you discuss it in advance, he may not take it so personally when he gets home. And if it doesn't happen, well everyone will be happy.Just remember to look after yourself too. It's damn hard doing it on your own if you are used to hubby helping. Good luck
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