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a real daddies girl! Lock Rss

my lil girl is 16 month and is a real daddies girl, doesnt matter what happens she always goes to her dad even if he has told her off. i know its normal and all but i really feel left out when he is home and feel like i dont exist to her. any ideas on what i can do to make me feel abit better as he is a good dad and i want them to be close but just cant help but feel rejected by my lil girl sad
My DD is a shocking Daddie's girl too. If she isn't asking for Daddy, she is asking for Nanny. I try not to take it personally.

I think it is a stage and one day she will wake up a realise her Dad is an enormous dag and be really embarrassed by him.

I think a lot of kids see mum as business and dad as pleasure. Mum is there to serve me (cook, clean and pick after me) and Dad is there to entertain me. I make an effort to do things with my DD that she really enjoys and spending quality time with her. Our 'thing' now is reading books, dad doesn't do that with her anymore, and it's something special for just us. I know damn well she will run back to her dad when she is done with me, but I cherish the fun times we do have, as all too soon she won't be caught dead with either of us!

Are you a SAHM? I find my 13 month old is exactly the same.

And if my brother or IL's are over he doesn't want anything to do with me.
thanks guys, yeah i am a SAHM she used to be at daycare and i used to love going to pick her up as i knew that she missed me just by the look on her face but she is temporarily out of daycare and with me everyday its like she is just sick of me.
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