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hi all

my baby gal is 3 at the end of this month and her dad lives 2 1/2 hours away. we have a set routine that he sees her 1 day a fortnight where he comes up one fortnight and we take her down the next. problem is he has family here so that means he has somewhere to go and relax whereas my DF and i have to find things to do for the entire day which gets quite expensive

now he demands that he has her for the weekend once a month which means that i have to take her and pay for my own accomodation and find things to do. i have tried to avoid having to go monthly as much as possible but it is getting nasty. prob is that in our mediation agreement he was to have her here at his parents house but has neva asked to!!!

He is always behind in child support which means i struggle badly with money (i live alone with DD) but that dosnt seem to mata to him.

if i told the whole story i would be here for days but im just a little confused he has threatened courts thousands of times but has neva followed through and now that im having another bub im afraid he i going to try and take him away from me for good. i love my DD more then anything in the world and would die without her. i have so much hatred towards her dad i just want him too leave us alone

thanks for letting me vent


DD may 03, DS oct 06

what do i do?

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Why should you have to go to him?????????????
he has family near you and a place to stay?
If he wants to see her, come and see her.
it sounds to me the only reason he wants her at his place is to get up you, dont let it.
There is no way in the world he would obtain custody of her if he can't pay his bloody child support how is he going to raise his daughter.
be strong and refuse to drive down there unless he pays your costs and if he doesn't like it, let him take you to court a judge will laugh in his face.
And with bub no 2 on the way you don't need to be sitting in the car for hours on end and staying in motels every fortnight.
Think about yourself and do what you think is best for you and your daughter and your little baby on the way.
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