I just wanted to take a minute to tell the world how proud I am of my partner. When our son first arrived you'd think Dad thought he was made of porcelain. He didn't do nappies or any hands-on stuff at all. Now, circumstances have had Dad looking after AD from the mornings till about 2pm, sometimes later, and he's fantastic. Although I pick at him for letting AD mess himself up eating a whole mango, not wiping his face, not dressing him like I would etc etc, he's become the master at nappies with a boy who runs from nappies as if they were a torture device, holds his attention for a whole meal, and loves playing with him. Recently Dad was the 'favourite' and Mummy was chopped liver. When this changed and Mummy was 'favourite' again, Daddy said 'Why? How did that happen?'
Daddy has never been comfortable with baths though and even now avoids it by any means possible. He says he just doesn't feel right and won't give an explanation. It's weird since now he does almost everything else and I know lots of Dads take bathing on as their job. I wonder if any other Dads are like this?
Anyhows, big hurrahs to all those Dads who see it's all bloody impossible...and give it a go anyway