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clingy toddler Lock Rss

my ds aged 2 is very clingy to my dh. He is fine with me but as soon as dh is in sight he runs to him and starts whinging and being all whiny but wont let go of him. Im not sure why he does this. If my husband leaves the room to go to the toilet or shower he gets upset and starts crying at the door. My dh doesnt get 5 min peace unless at work. Why would he be like this? He has been doing it for a while and at first we thought the whole seperation anxiety thing but how long does it last. Dh is starting to get very annoyed so is there anything that can be done or do we just have to wait it out until he gets over it himself? Any ideas?


I am a mother of 2 and had the same trouble with my kids, until I gave them each a photo of their dad to keep with them. Although this doesn't solve the problem it may give your partner some relief to enjoy 5 mins to himself. Hope this helps if only a little.
My little girl does exactly the same as your little 2 year old. She is practically obsessed with my husband and there every time he turns around. She won't let him have a shower unless she is there, he can't go anywhere unless she goes, she only lets him put her to sleep and give her the last bottle before she goes to sleep. She sleeps with one of his jumpers and has to take it to daycare. She goes hysterical if he isn't in sight and it has got to the point where he has had to give up his sporting commitments if they are on a week night because she won't let him out of her sight. Will this behaviour settle down or is this here to stay? She loves to play with me and cuddle me etc. but she prefers her daddy over me that's for sure! What do we do about the separation issue? It's really creating difficulties in all aspects!

Kelly, mum to BJ, 18 months

I have a daughter who is 15 months old but she isnt clingy to my partner cause she is most of the time clingy to me and sometimes it drives me crazy and it mostly happens when she is teething or cant sleep and I am just hoping she is going to grow out of it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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