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dates with their dads Lock Rss

my 3 y.o loves going out with her daddy all by herself. they try to have a date once a month that is special just for them. even if it is just going to the shops grin!
i have just started it with my 1 y.o son too and we find that it is a great time together.

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

What a great idea to have dates and to make them special no matter what the destination and thank you for sharing with other parents and I for one will give it a go with my husband and two year old daughter. Thanks again
have you got any ideas how to get my daughters father to spend more time with her we are know seperated and live 100 or so km away from each other she hardly knows who he is and needs to know him a bit better as i have a partner and she reconises him as "daddy" they have a great relationship but she needs more time with her real dad.

kris,sa 13mth bub

Do you have a computer and does her father have one if so maybe you can both get a web camera and talk and see each other that way or maybe have photos of him in your daughters room so she doesn't forget who he is and make a special photo album of pictures of her and him togeher and just of him so she can look at them when she wants to and make sure to get more photos of the two of them together in years to come. Your ex also has to make time with her so between the two of you maybe set out a special time in the month when he comes and gets her or you take her to him but you really have to stick to it so it becomes a part of her routine and she comes to really look forward to it and hopefully so will her daddy. I hope this helps and good luck with it.
if you cant web cam get her dad to seend vidos or my favoright photos wich you make into a story book to tell her whats hes doing where he is ect..., i know my toddler loves reading about his nanna in qld.

Mother of Bryce and Jake

My partner takes my son to a park or playcentre every Saturday or Sunday for a few hours so I can get the house work done and have some free time. My son is 12 months old and loves spending this time with his dad and it stops my partner feeling like he misses out on too much.
I suggest your daughter and her dad write a book about the special times they do get to spend together using the scrapbook method by incorporating photos and other mementos (eg movie ticket stubs) so that even though she may not see him often she knows he loves her and enjoys the time they spend together. It will be great for her to look back on when shes older and realises her dad was an important part of her childhood even though she didn't see him much.

Janelle Vic

what great ideas. im going to tell my husband all about these. i just like the thought of doing all my housework in one go and in peace. as for some free time for me that would be a luxury!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

i have the same problem,
my 16 month daughter doesnt like her dad at all.
he has been there all of her life and she doesnt like him at all.

have you tryed to call him and make a time to see him so he can spend more time with bubs?

i grew up with no father, and i feel it is not the way to go.

i am not meaning to butt in to your personal life,
but are you in a domestic volence case?

if you are, i would not suggest it!


My daughters dad was like that at first wanted nothing to do with me or my baby if i kept her, he even put a intervention order on me, saying i was harrassing him (which i wasnt and was proven when the order was not put againts me) and i had to go through Lawyers to get him to do dna, she was proven to be his like i said and then one day out of the blue, he turned up to talk to me and see his daughter she was 8 mths old, since then he only comes around when he feels like it, sometimes he doesnt see her as he comes late and she is in bed, other times iam not home and other times he see's her, although she doesnt like him when he is there she wants nothing to do with he she backs away and when he goes near her or picks her up all she does is scream,
His side of the family also do not know about Taneesha (except his older brother who knows me)and i was like ok so should i just turn up and say hey this is your grandaughter, or what, i havent and they still havent meet her, and she also has step brothers and sisters she has never met,
Sorry this is long but once i got started i couldnt stop, lol

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

oopps this was posted in the wrong thred

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

these was exactly what i do to my build strong bond in them..

alisha,nsw, 3 yrs

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