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Staying in the stroller Lock Rss

My son Ethan has just turned one and for the last 3 months it has been torture trying to keep him in his stroller. he screams uncontrollably till i give in and let him out he wants to walk now but he is just finding his feet so this is hard. i've tried toys and food but nothing makes the pram appealing to him. some people tell me to just let him scream he'll get over it but my son is very stubborn and does not stop.Should i just give up the stroller idea and wait till he walks properly and just let him walk? please help

maybe you put a harness on him to stop him going on the road, especially if your still trying to push the pram, then if he doesnt like it he might want to go back in the pram.

At least he'll be getting heaps of exercise and he will sit back in it when he gets tired.

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A harness is a good idea if your son is prone to try and run off...especially as he gets more confident.

When I let my son walk in the shops, he stands between me and the stroller and pushes the stroller with me.

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