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plastic table & chairs Lock Rss


Does anyone know how much for a fairly solid plastic table & chair set? I want to get some off ebay but dont really have an idea of what they are going for in the shops... I have looked in like Target, Big W & K Mart but havent seen any. Or any tips on where to find them...
Suz smile

Suz, NSW

We bought ours from IKEA. It was $50 for the table (rectangular), and $25 each for the chairs. They are very sturdy and have withstood DS climbing up and standing on them! We did the same as you - looked in the usual Target, KMart, Big W, Toys-r-us and didn't see anything we liked. Went to IKEA and by that stage, couldn't be bothered looking anymore and bought these ones there. But we have been very happy with them & the kids love them.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Saw some, have been looking myself, I want ones with thick legs.
Bunnings have them, chairs less than $5 table about $15, available in a range of colours.
Target, Kmart - Winnie the Pooh, Bob the Builder, Barbie $99 (table plus 2 chairs) seen on special about $70.
Furniture store stained pine table 2 chairs $120.
Freedom furniture chairs $49each table can't remember.
Overflow has table and chairs sold separately and different colours

Mum to twin girls 3yrs

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