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I am looking for some labels like the ones sold by Stuck on You. We need to label clothes, shoes and cup etc. The problem is I need them before Thursday when Isabella starts day care. If I order them online they won't come in time. So I need to be able to get some from the shops. I realise I will have to write on them rather than have them printed but that's okay. Does anyone know of anywhere that sells them?
just write with permanent marker on sticky tape and they will come off later - no point paying for crappy ones you have to write on when you can order pretty ones smile

we use im sure daycare wont mind if things aren't labeled for a few days or the stickytape idea will work ok till the good ones arrive


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I found for clothes simple iron labels that u write on yourself good. Their thin and can easily fit on a tag or about on Maddys Shirts and pants.
I bought jus simple plain white sticker labels and let Maddy draw on them with different bright colours and jus wrote his name ect on the sticker, i just thought it was a way to be a bit more original and if their older they can draw what they want to personalise it in ways.

Madesen James 19 month old boy, Newcastle

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