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Fridge Phonics toy Lock Rss

Does any one have the fridge phonic toy made by leap frog?? Maya was playing with it today in the trolley and thought it would be great for the fridge when I trying to cook or wash up but maybe she's too young (14mths). what ages are other kids playing with this?

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Hi sararead,

I bought one for my son when he was about 12months old. I was buying one for my goddaughter (2yrs old) and he was playing with it in the trolley - so I bought him one too! It was one of the few things that kept him occupied while in the trolley! He still plays with it now, he's 2 next week!

My other DS (2months) loves to look at it when I park him in front of the fridge while I cook. I guess it has some entertainment value for all ages smile !
i got one for bial when he turned 0ne- he is now 14mths and heloves it
coz i can put together words he is familair with - like hot
and he tires soudning out after the "professor" he says M mmmmmm and D and O and stuff like that and i think he enjoys this toy more than any other------plus they say even if kids at thisage can't learn the alphabet they are already distingusihing that there is a diff among each of them- and sounding them out makes it so much fun for him

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