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Valco Hitchhiker Lock Rss

I am expecting my second child within the next 2 months and am looking at double prams, toddler seats etc. My daughter is currently 18kg so the toddler seats will not last long. Has anyone used the Valco Hitchhiker or a product similar that can offer any advice?

Lynda, NSW

hi good luck
i have a 3 yo, 22 mo and 5 mo twins we got a hitchhiker and my 3yo loves it the 22mo is not quite big enough for it so she sits in a todddler seat altough when the the 3 yo gets the chance she wants to get in the seat i got my hitchhiker second hand on ebay they also have the toddler seats which are great too

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins


I was in the same position with my 3yo. I ended up with a Valco toddler seat as it can take up to 25 kilos. I had thought about the Hitchhiker, but we like to go for long walks and I thought that my 3yo would get tired of standing up for long.

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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